What to Keep in Mind When Considering a Dental Makeover

Our smiles make us who we are. That isn't some kind of byproduct of an appearance-obsessed society, either -- it's scientifically true. Studies have shown that a person's dental imprint is just as unique as his or her fingerprints, making it demonstrably true that our teeth define us (in one way or another). Depending on the individual, however, there's always room for improvement. This is ...

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Why Gum Disease Deserves Your Utmost Attention

It may sound like a myth at first, but studies show that neglecting to brush and floss your teeth may not only give you a bad case of tooth decay, it may also prove to be fatal. Scientists have actually found a connection between gum disease and how it increases the risk of heart disease, having noted oral infection in patients who have been diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia, a ...

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Get an Instant Smile Transformation with the Help of Lumineers

With the wide array of cosmetic enhancements available today, people are now smarter when it comes to deciding which type of treatment is best for their unsightly teeth. They take into account aesthetic appeal, a quick and easy process, and of course, a pain-free procedure. All of these considerations are found when you opt for Lumineers. The benefits are quite impressive, prompting a lot of ...

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Smile Makeovers with Porcelain Veneers

Hollywood celebrities seem to always have that perfect smile whenever they pose for a picture during a red carpet premier. It looks like they’ve been endowed with a beautiful set of teeth since birth. But when you browse magazines and gossip sites online that feature before and after pictures of famous stars and you’ll discover that most of them had a makeover, especially for their teeth and ...

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Periodontal Disease: Preventive Care & Treatment

When a family member or a friend has been diagnosed with gum disease, you tried to figure out why it happened to them. What are the factors that lead to such problem? Is it curable? In your quest for answers, you started to check if you also have the same dental issue. Before you get anxious about this, it’s best to consult your Kennewick WA dentist, so he can properly evaluate your ...

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Overcoming Dental Anxiety with Oral Sedation

People have different ways of coping with dental anxiety. They try approaches such as relaxation and distraction techniques to calm themselves. When extreme fear engulfs them, they turn to sedation dentistry to overcome their problems. Some patients try relaxation techniques like guided imagery, deep breathing and progressive relaxation. Guided imagery employs simple mental techniques by ...

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How a Dental Implant Procedure Might Help to Makeover Your Smile

The American Academy of Implant Dentistry (AAID) reports that about 30 million Americans have missing teeth. Missing teeth are not just harmful to self-esteem, but once a tooth is lost, the jawbone below that tooth starts to lose bone mass, because it is no longer being stimulated. This unfortunate side effect can permanently alter your facial structure, and make it difficult to eat normally. ...

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Overcome your Fears with the Help of Oral Sedation

Some people make a lot of excuses just to avoid seeing their dentist. They claim that they don’t have time to drop by at the clinic because of their busy schedule, household chores, and other commitments. Routine checkups and oral exams are postponed. As result, simple preventive care that is supposed to be done earlier becomes a complex treatment because of complications in their teeth and ...

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Benefits of Tooth-Colored Composite Fillings

Did you know that scientists discovered an ancient tooth that was repaired with beeswax as its filling? According to a science news website, the discovery may be one of the oldest artifacts from prehistoric dentistry. Based on the study, the crack showed that people back then used their teeth not only for eating but also for other activities such as holding threads while weaving. The filling was ...

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Prevention of Periodontal Disease

Daily oral hygiene paired with routine dental visits is essential in the prevention of gum disease. There are different methods that promote the importance of these two. The American Dental Association’s (ADA) online campaign called ADA Dental Symptom Checker emphasizes the significance of oral health and regular dental visits in fighting gum problems. Aside from this interactive Web platform, ...

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