Fixing Teeth with Composite Veneers

The creation and application of composite veneers are both a science and art. Veneers correct imperfections by hiding teeth behind tooth-colored composite resin caps. They’re like false fingernails for your teeth. While the main goal is aesthetics, composite veneers can also make your teeth function better. Getting composite veneers is safe and quick. The dentist first prepares your teeth by ...

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Getting a Smile Makeover

The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) reported that most Americans believe that a healthy smile is important to social success. If you’re hiding your mouth behind your hand because of bad teeth, it’s time for a smile makeover. Boost your confidence and make networking much easier (you may even score a promotion!) with Smile Makeovers from your Kennewick dentist. A smile ...

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Mini Implants for Teeth Replacement

Standard dental implants involve the insertion of titanium screws into the gums and jawbone. This process requires patients to have sufficient jawbone density. Otherwise, bone grafting is necessary. Bone grafts reinforce the implant site and provide a stable foundation for the implant and permanent crown. What are Mini Dental Implants? As an alternative, mini dental implants (MDIs) or ...

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How to Choose a General Dentist

General dentistry covers the whole practice of remedial dentistry, from tooth restoration to tooth extraction. It involves a wide array of procedures aimed at solving people's dental problems. These procedures are widely accessible and often have a standard market price. Choosing a General Dentist Registration. When going to the dentist for a general dentistry procedure, make sure that the ...

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