Does your smile tell the story you want people to hear, or is it saying something else? If your teeth are cracked, crooked, discolored, dull, or missing, it might be saying more than you know (or would want)!

While there is certainly no shame in having bad teeth, if you can do something about it, why put it off? Remember, the beauty of your smile is more than skin-deep; a beautiful smile is a healthy smile, and a healthy smile is the kind of smile people look for in business partners, mates, and friends.

The good news is that you can still do something about the appearance of your teeth! With a Smile Makeover from Marineland Dental (Kennewick, WA)

Am I Right For A Smile Makeover?

A smile makeover isn’t for everyone, and it’s not just about being willing or able to pay for the potentially numerous procedures involved. There is no such thing as a cookie-cutter smile makeover, and it will require a commitment to lengthy, even sometimes uncomfortable procedures (though with our sedation dentistry options, we can help you undergo any dental procedure with ease and comfort).

Isn’t All Just Vanity?

It’s true that many of the procedures that are usually recommended for a smile makeover are cosmetic, but that doesn’t mean that your oral health (and by extension, your overall health) won’t also reap the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile!

Damaged teeth aren’t just unattractive; they’re dangerous! Those cracks and fractures can allow your naturally occurring oral bacteria inside your tooth; this can lead to an infection (that requires a root canal to treat) or worse. Teeth that are very worn can also cause problems with the alignment of your jaw. Your teeth are designed to fit together in a very specific way; in turn, your teeth are designed to bear very specific amounts of the pressure you produce when you bite. Teeth that are worn can cause your jaw to slowly become misaligned, and when this happens, teeth experience pressures they were never meant to, resulting in more damage to your teeth. Teeth that are very damaged may not even be salvageable, so it’s important to act quickly if you’ve finally had enough of a smile full of broken, injured teeth.

Additionally, certain procedures may require that chronic oral health problems be addressed before the “upgrade” can actually begin. It’s not so much a series of repairs, more like a renaissance for your smile!

What Usually Happens During A Smile Makeover?

As we mentioned before, there is no such thing as a “cookie cutter” smile makeover. Everyone has different teeth, different smiles, and different levels of health. Some people will need to have dental implants installed, for others, veneers might be a more important part of the program. The only thing that is common among smile makeovers is that they take time, and you’ll need to carefully plan your life around your appointments (and recovery time, if necessary).

Following a consultation with your dentist (during which you will have your appearance and oral health evaluated), your dentist will assess your “smile situation” and create a specialized treatment plan for you. Your dentist may require a more detailed health history, and your dentist will want to make sure that you fully understand all of your options: the dentist is doing the work, but you’re in the driver’s seat!

What Do I Need to Consider to Get the Most Out of My Smile Makeover?

Your dentist is an expert at assessing the aesthetics of your smile; but of course, your smile isn’t just your teeth, just as a pair of shoes don’t make a whole outfit. Your dentist will take into account the shape of your mouth and lips, your skin and hair color, the shape of your face, and other factors you wouldn’t normally expect during a normal exam and cleaning, but then a smile makeover is anything but normal!

Your dentist will do the technical work; it’s your job to literally take a look at yourself and consider what your goals for your smile makeover are. It’s not enough just to say you want “the best possible smile”.

Everyone has different life priorities. Are you looking to depend on your new smile to win more business? Find that special someone? Or do you simply want to look a little younger? The more insight you can provide your dentist, the more he has to work with to enhance your smile how you like it!

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