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Your teeth are strong and durable and can serve you well indefinitely. That does not mean they are invincible, however. A fall off a bike or a stray ball can knock a tooth right out of its socket. A split-second decision to put your pearly whites to work opening a stubborn package can result in a painfully cracked tooth. And then there are infections requiring root canal therapy and the cavities that need a filling to prevent them from spreading further.

Restorative dentistry is the practice of repairing teeth that are broken, chipped, decayed, infected, or otherwise damaged. It is the dentist’s bread and butter, and it ensures our patients are able to enjoy the benefits of strong, beautiful, and healthy teeth for a lifetime.

At Marineland Dental Care, we offer a comprehensive menu of restorative procedures to return your smile to tip-top condition.

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Tooth-Colored Fillings Repair Cavities Invisibly

If you are like a lot of people, you may be walking around with unattractive amalgam or gold fillings still marring your smile. Over time, these fillings may wear down and even crack, creating an opening for decay-causing bacteria to enter the tooth.

At Marineland Dental Care, we offer two filling options that are durable, strong, and completely invisible on the teeth. Whether you have a newly formed cavity to be repaired, or you want to replace an old metal restoration, our fillings enable you to smile with confidence and bring your tooth back to health.

Composite resin is a popular filling option. This is a putty-like material that can be precisely matched to your tooth color and applied directly to the cavity. Dr. Hadley will carefully mold it, harden it with a special light, then trim and polish it. Your composite filling will blend with your smile perfectly and last years with proper care.

Porcelain ceramic fillings are another filling option we offer. Unlike composite resin, which is applied directly to the tooth, porcelain restorations are custom crafted in a dental lab from impressions we take here in our office. Porcelain offers a number of benefits over composite.

  • Ceramic is longer lasting than composite resin or metal.
  • Porcelain is more resistant to staining and cracking.
  • Porcelain is considered one of the most natural-looking filling options. It will be crafted to match your tooth color precisely and the material’s natural translucence mimics that of real teeth.


Dental Crowns Are Beautiful & Hardworking

A dental crown is a cap that covers the entire portion of your tooth that’s above the gumline. It is a true dental multitasker, serving cosmetic and restorative purposes. A number of scenarios may make you a candidate for a crown.

  • Your tooth is severely weakened from decay
  • You’ve had a large filling and there is little tooth left
  • Your tooth has been damaged due to traumatic injury
  • Your tooth is broken
  • Your tooth is worn down
  • You’ve had a dental implant (single implants are typically topped with a crown)
  • If you need a conventional dental bridge, the healthy teeth adjacent to the gap will require dental crowns
  • You’ve had a root canal
  • You have a misshapen tooth
  • Your tooth is discolored or otherwise blemished

A dental crown protects, strengthens, and beautifies your smile. The process is simple. First, we will take precise impressions of your tooth. These will be sent to our trusted dental lab, where your custom crown will be crafted to precisely match your natural tooth in shape and color. When your crown arrives at our office, we will have you come in. We will make sure it’s the correct fit and permanently cement it into place. With proper oral hygiene, your dental crown should last for several years. The restoration doesn’t require any special care — just meticulous brushing and flossing as always.


A Dental Bridge Closes a Gap

If you have a missing tooth or several adjacent missing teeth, a dental bridge will close the gap and make your smile whole. A bridge is a restoration that combines an artificial tooth (called a pontic) with two dental crowns for support.

The two healthy teeth adjacent to the gap are called abutment teeth. These will have some enamel removed from them so they are able to be fitted with the dental crowns. We will make detailed impressions, which will be sent to our dental lab. There, your crowns and pontic will be custom crafted for your mouth. We can fit you with a temporary bridge to complete your smile and protect your teeth while your permanent restoration is being made.

Once your bridge is delivered to our office, we will have you come in once again. We will cement your beautiful and perfectly fitting dental bridge in place. Your smile will be complete — and totally natural looking.


A Root Canal Prevents Tooth Loss

Many people panic when they hear those two words “root canal.” We’re not sure why, but it’s developed a reputation as a particularly unpleasant dental procedure. The truth is that with modern rotary technology, root canals (or endodontic therapy) are quick, efficient, and practically painless. Most patients say the experience is no worse than getting a filling. In fact, if you are suffering from the pain of an infected tooth, a root canal will end your discomfort.

You will need this procedure if tooth decay reaches the inner structure of the tooth and causes the pulp to become infected. Left untreated, an infection or abscess will cause excruciating pain and lead to tooth loss and even more serious consequences like systemic infection. A root canal will save your tooth.

First, we will thoroughly numb your mouth so you are comfortable throughout the procedure. Through a small hole in your tooth, we will clean out all the decayed tissue and fill the chamber with a rubber-like material. We will then seal the hole and you will be fitted for a dental crown.


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