With advances in dentistry and dental technology, there are now a myriad of options a patient can choose from when he/she meets the misfortune of having to lose a tooth or several teeth.  However, ask anyone who had tried having to wear dentures and they’ll tell you that nothing beats having and keeping your natural teeth, as dentures can sometimes become loose or ill-fitting that biting, chewing, and even speaking can become difficult.

In cases where the tooth’s damage has not yet been that extensive that it can still be salvaged, meaning it doesn’t have to be extracted or pulled-out, patients have the root canal treatment to thank for the possibility of having their natural teeth saved, something which Kennewick WA dentist Dr. Walter Hadley specializes in.

How Are Root Canal Treatments Done?

Teeth may appear as hard white enamel, but inside the hard layer is soft tissue known as pulp, which contains the blood vessels, nerves and connective tissue. When the pulp gets infected or inflamed due to tooth decay, root canal treatment, or endodontic therapy, treats the tooth via the removal of the infected or inflamed pulp. Then after the careful cleaning and disinfection of the inside of the tooth, it is sealed off with filling material or a crown, restoring it to its original state so it can function properly along with the other teeth.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

With the help of endodontic treatment, the natural tooth can be saved, allowing the patient to retain the following:

  • Natural appearance and smile
  • Normal biting and chewing function
  • Optimum dental health by treating the infected tooth and preventing further damage

Root canal treatment takes only a few dental visits to complete.  Kennewick dentist Dr. Hadley can discuss the procedure to you in detail, including the post-treatment special care needed and the prevention of a fracture on the treated tooth.  Set an appointment now by calling 509-591-0515.

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