If you’re like almost three-quarters of all Americans, you’ve lost at least one permanent tooth in your life. Missing teeth can cause all sorts of problems like pain, having trouble chewing and swallowing your food, having problems talking, and aging prematurely in your lower face.

But there aren’t just physical problems if you have missing teeth.

If your missing tooth or teeth show in your smile, you’re going to hide your smile so that no one notices. This can make social events less enjoyable than they used to be. It can make you anxious or uncomfortable when taking pictures (we hear this a lot from our patients!). It can make you embarrassed around your children or grandchildren when you talk or eat.

If this describes you or a loved one you know, keep reading to learn about how missing teeth can affect your mental and emotional health, and also how your Marineland dental team can help restore your confidence with a beautiful smile!

Losing Teeth Can Lower Your Confidence and Make You Embarrassed

A lot of recent studies have been done on the emotional effects of people who have lost their teeth. One study published in the British Dental Journal a few years ago looked at several people between 51 and 86 years old who had lost their teeth and what emotional problems they had because they were missing their teeth.

Here’s what the study said those main problems were (you can read more here):

“The main themes identified in reaction to tooth loss were: bereavement, lowered self-confidence, altered self-image, dislike of appearance, an inability to discuss this taboo subject, a concern about prosthodontic privacy, behaving in a way that keeps the tooth loss secret, altered behavior in socializing and forming close relationships, premature aging, and lack of preparation.”

If you’ve been depressed about your missing teeth, if you don’t like the way you look or have tried to hide your missing teeth, if you don’t want to talk about it, or if you’ve had to change the way you’ve behaved around people (not talking as much, not meeting new people, or not eating around people), we want you to know that you are not alone!

How Marineland Dental Care Can Restore Your Smile and Your Confidence

Every day, we see patients who are missing teeth and are trying to cope with the embarrassment and loss of self-confidence that they feel after they’ve lost their teeth.

Here at Marineland Dental Care, we are genuinely concerned about you, and we want to listen to your concerns without judging you or making you feel more embarrassed. We want to make you comfortable when you come in to see us about how we can help you with your missing teeth.

And that’s the good news—we DO have solutions for your missing teeth! Let’s talk about what we can do to help you regain your confidence AND regain your smile!


Dentures can be a good solution for you if you have missing teeth. People will see that you still have teeth, and dentures can allow you to smile again in photos, or encourage you to talk more because you don’t have to hide missing teeth.

Although dentures can help restore your confidence, they can cause frustrating problems, too. The study we just mentioned also discovered that even people with dentures can have emotional problems:

“Tooth loss can be disabling and handicapping. It has a profound impact on the lives of some people, even those who are apparently coping well with dentures.”

What causes people with dentures to still have confidence problems? If you have dentures, you’ve probably had problems with them shifting and moving around, which makes you afraid that they will come out when you eat or talk. You may have even had them slide out before while you were eating or talking. What a humiliating experience!

Even if you haven’t had them come out in front of anyone, you have to worry about WHAT you eat to prevent this from happening. That means giving up some of the foods you like, such as corn on the cob. These restrictions, though, can remind you that you still don’t have teeth.

If your lower dentures are causing you anxiety, we have a solution for you. Stay tuned for our next blog about more confidence-boosting answers we can give you to your missing teeth!

In the meantime, contact us for an appointment or fill out an appointment form online so that you can start your journey to a confident smile as soon as possible!

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