One of the most common dental care fears that patients have is the drill, and for good reasons! The noise can be ear-piercing and can conjure up all sorts of thoughts of pain and discomfort. Unfortunately the drill is a necessary part of many aspects of dental care, and is essential in treating tooth decay, placing fillings, and any number of restorative procedures.

If fear of the dental drill has kept you from getting the care you need, Marineland Dental Care can offer the perfect alternative to the noise and anxiety of the dental drill. We offer advanced air abrasion treatment that can simply blast out tooth decay – no contact needed!

Air Abrasion? What Is It?

Do you know what sandblasting is? Using a tool that shoots pressurized air containing abrasive chemicals, workers can blast away surface imperfections, smooth walls and floors, and even make shape changes to objects.

Dental air abrasion works the same way, but in a smaller, more dental-friendly form. We use fine particles and pressurized air to reshape your teeth with little to no sound, pain, or hassle! The procedure also involves protecting areas of your mouth that aren’t part of the treatment, so you won’t have to worry about dust getting anywhere we don’t want it!

What Is Air Abrasion Used For?

Air abrasion is primarily used to treat cavities because it eliminates the need for drilling. Patients that are nervous about their dental treatment are ideal candidates and the treatment is generally part of what we do to help treat patients with dental anxiety. But that doesn’t mean nervous patients are the only ones who can benefit from air abrasion!

There are several other techniques that air abrasion is commonly used for, such as removing surface stains or preparing a tooth surface for restorative or cosmetic equipment. Air abrasion can roughen your teeth to make adhesive work better and make simple cosmetic changes you’ve always wanted!

How Can Air Abrasion Eliminate My Anxiety?

If the drill is the source of your fears then you can feel relieved knowing that air abrasion is the choice for you! Barely any sound, minimal feeling, and no head-rattling vibration! Many patients don’t even realize their abrasion treatment has started until it’s finished!

Concerns over the sensation of air abrasion are some of the most common – just what is it going to feel like? First it’s important to say what air abrasion doesn’t feel like: a drill. There are no feelings of vibration, no heating of the tooth causing bad smells, and often no need for an anesthesia injection at all!

Most patients report feeling pretty much nothing during air abrasion, but those who do feel something generally only report a bit of mild sensitivity. If you want to avoid all the worries of the drill this is the choice for you!

Who Is A Good Candidate For Air Abrasion?

There aren’t any patients who we wouldn’t recommend air abrasion for! It is a great tool for treating children and nervous adults, but in the right circumstances it’s the ideal treatment due to its minimal level of invasiveness.

Air abrasion isn’t ideal in cases of extremely deep cavities or for work in extremely tight areas. In those instances we’ll need to treat you using our regular methods, but in many cases air abrasion can be used despite minor complications.

To find out more about this great new technology or to see if it’s the right choice for you, call our Kennewick dentist office today at 509-591-0515! You can also schedule an appointment right here on our website by using our convenient online form. We look forward to helping you!

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