In the 70 years since fluoride has become a common part of our daily lives there have been a lot of bad rumors about it. We get a lot of questions about the safety of fluoride at Marineland Dental Care and we want to clear the water (haha) about fluoride.

Our Kennewick dental care team are all firm believers in the tooth-restoring power of fluoride. We’ve seen first hand what fluoride treatment can do for our patients and what it can do for us! Fluoride is a naturally occurring part of fluorite crystals. It occurs in trace amounts in much of the foods we eat and the water we drink and at higher levels it can repair your teeth!

This process, called remineralization, reverses enamel damage caused by plaque bacteria. Getting enough fluoride in your daily life is a key part of maintaining a healthy mouth! Now that you know what fluoride does let’s tackle some of those myths!

Does Fluoride Cause Cancer?

This myth has been going around for a long time. Fluoride has been reportedly linked to cancer, specifically of the bones, and a whole host of other diseases as well. To the contrary this is completely untrue!

Fluoride has been found, in multiple studies, to be completely safe. Studies into bone cancer (the most likely candidate for fluoride to attack) found no link at all. Other cancer and disease research showed no correlation between fluoride consumption and chances for illness. So drink up and be sure to brush with fluoride toothpaste!

Can Fluoride Cause Lower IQ Scores In Children?

The study that prompted this fear was performed in east Asian countries, specifically in areas where there was one key difference from the United States: fluoride levels in water were three times as high! Fluoride can be toxic in higher doses but not even the higher levels in those areas are over toxic limits!

The study’s reviewers have pointed out numerous errors in the math, methods, and data gathered during the study. It’s just as likely reduced IQ scores in those areas came from something else, and we’ll never be sure due to the sloppiness of the researchers!

In short, no. Fluoride won’t make your children less smart. It will keep their smile in great shape though!

A Lot Of European Countries Have Rejected Water Fluoridation!

This is presented as evidence that water fluoridation is harmful. After all, if Europe is doing it then it must be right! What those arguing for this position fail to realize is that there are still fluoride programs in those countries!

Water fluoridation isn’t the best solution for all European countries so they’ve also worked with getting fluoride to the masses in other ways, namely salt and milk! That’s right – they might not have fluoridated water like we do but they still get their daily dose!

Water Fluoridation Is Expensive And Unnecessary!

Water fluoridation is actually really cheap! Studies performed in communities with fluoride vs. those without found that fluoridated water lowers the average family’s dental care costs by 33 percent! That’s huge! The burden placed on taxpayers to cover the costs of water fluoridation is far cheaper than the costs of the dental care needed without it.

As for necessity you can tell fluoride has done its job because cavities aren’t as great a concern anymore! Studies performed on two towns in Arkansas, one with fluoridated water and one without, found that there were twice as many cavities in the population of the non-fluoridated area!

Because fluoride has been in our water for 70 years we take it for granted but it has done a lot of work to become so important to our oral health. Don’t let bad science and internet mumbo-jumbo ruin your smile!

One Last Thing

Fluoride can do a lot to protect your teeth but it isn’t all you have to do. Regular dental care appointments should still be a part of your routine! Along with brushing twice a day and flossing professional cleanings are essential in keeping your teeth healthy!

Do your smile a favor and make an appointment at Marineland Dental Care today! You can reach us by calling 509-591-0515 or you can request an appointment by filling out our online form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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