There was a time, before composite and porcelain fillings became common, that patients got gold fillings as the filling material for their damaged tooth.  By this time, those gold fillings would now be old, discolored or worn-out, making them not only unattractive in appearance but potentially a health risk, when the filling has not been completely sealed and food and bacteria leaks in to create new decay.

If you are one of those patients who have gotten those gold fillings in the past, perhaps now is the best time for a visit to Kennewick WA dentist Dr. Walter Hadley, who can conduct an examination to check on your old gold fillings and also discuss other filling options.

Trying Other Filling Materials

As the patient, it is ultimately your decision if you will still stick with gold as the replacement material for your old gold fillings.  Particularly when the tooth requires a large restoration, gold remains to be the strongest and most durable filling option.

However, due to its high cost and unnatural looking appearance, other filling materials that also take less number of dental appointments to complete may also be explored after a thorough discussion with Kennewick dentist Dr. Hadley, who can help you decide on the most suitable option for you:

  • Non-corrosive composite resin is tooth-colored and looks more natural and can adhesively bond, adding to the tooth’s strength
  • Since glass ionomer fillings bonds tooth-strengthening fluoride with the natural tooth, it  prevents further decay apart, without the need for much healthy tooth structure to be removed since it is applied thinly
  • Like composite resin, porcelain is aesthetically more pleasing than gold or amalgam fillings since it accurately resembles a natural tooth, and is both durable and reliable to withstand further decay since it is custom-fitted
  • Although its mercury content has raised some doubts on its safety, amalgam continues to be available because it is inexpensive and durable for chewing without wearing down opposing teeth

So to find out which option would be best for you, visit Marineland Dental Care or call 509-591-0515 for an appointment.

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