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Dental technology has come a long way. Technological advances have made many dental procedures nearly painless. Those advances have also meant new dental procedures that seem almost miraculous.

If you’re one of those people who have bad memories of dental visits as a child, you should know that new tech has literally changed everything.

Dr. Walter G. Hadley of Kennewick, WA, is one dentist who has stayed current with all the latest technology. Dr. Hadley and our entire Kennewick, WA dental team regularly participate in classes at the Las Vegas Institute (LVI), a leading post-graduate institute for dentists and their staff that emphasize advanced cosmetic solutions.

Dr. Hadley stays on top of the latest technology in order to give his patients the best and most comfortable dental experiences he can.

Dr. Hadley is also a member of these dental organizations:

  • The American Dental Association
  • The American Academy of Laser Dentistry
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • The Academy of General Dentistry
  • Dental Organization for Conscious Sedation

Here are some of the technologies that Dr. Hadley uses that can make getting that good-looking, healthy smile a lot easier:

Intraoral Photography

Intraoral cameras are small and pen-shaped cameras. The doctor uses them to get a closer look into your mouth in areas that are normally harder to see with the naked eye. Using these cameras, Dr. Hadley can instantly see the images on a screen in the treatment room.

The images these cameras produce are realistic, unlike X-rays. It makes it easier for patients such as yourself to see exactly what the doctor is seeing in your mouth. We may also need to do conventional X-rays of your teeth.

Using intraoral photography is a painless experience.

With this technology, Dr. Hadley can instantly spot issues with your mouth such as

  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis
  • Tooth abnormalities
  • Changes in enamel
  • Gum disease

Air Abrasion

Wouldn’t you like the option of dental health without the drill? Air abrasion is a way to remove decay from a tooth without using a dental drill.

The air abrasion hand piece blows out a stream of air that contains tiny aluminum oxide particles. The dentist uses it on your teeth to blast away decay. It’s sort of like a tiny version of a sandblaster.

Air abrasion can also be used to repair cracks in teeth or to prepare them for bonding procedures. Dr. Hadley has been clinically trained in using air abrasion in restorative dentistry.

Soft Tissue Laser

Your gums are the foundation of your smile. Caring for them is as important as caring for your teeth. Dr. Hadley knows this and has studied the latest technology for keeping your gums healthy.

Soft tissue lasers can be used in a number of procedures including the treatment of periodontal disease.

One of the main benefits of the soft tissue laser is that it corrects problems without the need for incisions and stitches. The laser treats the soft tissue of the gums with a diode laser while minimizing any swelling or bleeding.

Some benefits of the soft tissue laser include:

  • It doesn’t require an anesthesia.
  • It helps generate new, healthy gum tissue.
  • It leads to faster healing times.
  • It offers a reduced risk of infection.

Sedation Dentistry

For one reason or other, some people just have phobias or anxiety related to having dental work done.

At Marineland Dental Care, we want you to have a healthy mouth, but we also want you to have a pleasant dental experience. As part of this, we offer sedation dentistry.

Sedation dentistry can help you feel more comfortable while you’re having a dental exam or treatment. About an hour before your appointment, you’ll take a sedative in pill form that will help you relax.

You will be conscious during your procedure but have limited awareness of what’s going on.

Sedation dentistry is recommended for patients who have:

  • Difficulty getting numb
  • Bad gag reflexes
  • Very sensitive teeth
  • Complex dental issues that need extensive treatment

You can call our office at 509-591-0515, or use our online form, to learn more about how these technologies can make your dental procedures easier.

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