Your dentures have brought a considerable amount of joy into your life. For one, they seal all of the empty spaces in your mouth, enabling you to project a billion dollar smile every time the camera is aimed at you. Secondly, they improve your biting and chewing abilities, saving you the trouble of having to struggle whenever you consume your food. In addition to that, they prevent your cheeks from collapsing, making it highly unlikely for you to age prematurely. But more importantly, they keep your remaining natural teeth in place, protecting you from further tooth loss. Unfortunately, you may lose all of these privileges if you fail to maintain your dentures.

Here are a few tips that you must strictly comply with in order to take proper care of your dentures:

• Make it a point to brush your dentures after every meal. Brushing your dentures after every meal allows you to get rid of the leftover food particles that can stain them.

• Refrain from biting your dentures into position. You may end up severely damaging your dentures when you bite them into position.

• Provide your dentures with a safe landing spot whenever you clean them. Your dentures can break the moment they fall on a hard surface. Thus, to avoid such an incident, you need to provide them with a safe landing spot such as a towel or water-filled sink whenever you clean them.

• Avoid brushing your dentures with a hard-bristled toothbrush. Your dentures have a good chance of sustaining scratches once they come in contact with a hard-bristled toothbrush.

• Keep your dentures away from hot water. When you’re unable to keep your dentures away from hot water, they’re more than likely to crack.

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