Dentures allow you to address tooth loss in a relatively short amount of time. However, they can give rise to a number of difficulties. For starters, you may not be able to pronounce your words properly for a few days since they may initially feel strange inside your mouth. Secondly, you have to avoid crunchy or sticky foods as such foods are capable of destabilizing them. Aside from that, you may suffer from embarrassment in the middle of a conversation no thanks to their tendency to fall off your mouth. As if those problems aren’t bad enough, you eventually have to invest on replacements because they become loose over time. Fortunately, your Kennewick dentist can provide you with a much more convenient solution to tooth loss in the form of dental implants. But before taking dental implants into consideration, you first need to find out if they’re the best alternative for you by reviewing their advantages and disadvantages below:


• They enable you to speak well right away. Dental implants give you artificial teeth that can perfectly imitate your natural teeth’s fit and function, saving you the trouble of having to struggle with your speech for a little while.

• They don’t put any restrictions on your diet. With teeth that fit naturally, you’re free to eat any kind of food.

• Natural-fitting dental implants stay firmly in place, making it highly unlikely for them to fall off while you’re talking to other people.

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