Dental implants are one of the great success stories of modern dentistry.


Implants revolutionized the process of replacing missing teeth by using titanium screws inserted into the bone. The bone bonds firmly to the screws through a process called osseointegration making them extremely firm replacement tooth roots. A variety of dental restorations – crowns, bridges, and dentures – can be attached to the screws.


The result is a tooth or teeth that look, feel, and function just like your own teeth. People with implants and restorations can eat the foods they love, smile freely, and laugh without embarrassment. They have no concerns about dentures sliding around in the mouth or popping out unexpectedly or having to avoid certain foods.


The Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Implants restore about 90 percent of your chewing power which is many times more than traditional dentures. Being able to eat a wide variety of healthy foods is essential for good physical and oral health. Dental implants are also very durable. With care, implants can last for the rest of your life.


Beyond those benefits, dental implants help keep the bone underneath or above healthy. The pressure of chewing is transmitted through the implants to the bone, stimulating it and keeping it strong. A permanent dental bridge is anchored to neighboring teeth; the pressure of chewing is transferred to the supporting teeth.


Dental Implant Considerations

There are some health conditions and medications that may impact a person’s success with dental implants. The primary consideration, though, is the thickness, density, and health of the bone that holds the implants.


Most people can have traditional dental implants. Other people don’t have enough or strong enough bone to accept them. For those people, mini dental implants are the answer.


About Mini Dental Implants

Mini dental implants are about half the size of regular implants. They can be placed into bone that isn’t thick or dense enough to accept full-size implants. Despite their smaller size, mini dental implants do an excellent job of firmly securing dental restorations.


The other benefits of mini dental implants are shorter healing time compared to larger implants, and lower cost. Since the mini implants are so small, healing usually takes days rather than weeks or months. Many people can get their mini dental implants and their restorations in one day!


Since the surgery to place mini implants is easier, the procedure is faster. Dr. Walter Hadley at Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA can often place a mini implant in 30 minutes or so. With minimal time in the chair, you may be able to have multiple mini implants placed at a far lower cost than the same number of traditional implants. Our patients usually require only local anesthesia for the procedure, but we do offer dental sedation as well.


Are Mini Dental Implants Right For You?

If you’ve been told that your bone isn’t strong or thick enough for regular implants, mini implants may be the solution to replace your missing tooth or teeth. If you’re in the Kennewick, WA area, Dr. Walter Hadley will perform a thorough examination and advise you whether mini implant or full-size implants are the best choice for your needs.


To see if mini dental implants can help you, call Marineland Dental Care at 509-588-7539. Or use our convenient online form to make an appointment at our Kennewick, WA dentist office.

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