Gum disease is a horrible condition that can rob you of oral health, teeth, and even bone mass in your jaw. You may be familiar with some of the symptoms – red or swollen gums, puffiness, gums that bleed easy, gum recession, and even tooth loosening. At Marineland Dental Care we just hate gum disease! It robs our patients of their smiles so we want to do all we can to stop it!

Our Kennewick dental team is dedicated to helping not only to treat your gum disease but to prevent it completely! Prevention includes helping our patients to understand what puts them at risk for gum disease so read on and find out if you fall into one of these categories!

Risk Factors For Periodontal Disease

Age: While periodontal disease can happen to younger patients it’s far more common in people age 35 years or older. The risk only continues to increase each year so it’s important to maintain good oral health and see us at our Kennewick dentist office twice a year for checkups!

Tobacco Use: while smoking is the most common form of tobacco use it isn’t the only one that can cause gum disease! All types of tobacco have a common harmful element that can cause gum disease to take control of your smile: they change the bacteria levels in your mouth!

Your mouth is full of bacteria – some of the harmful ones are what cause tooth decay and gum disease. Smoking changes the bacteria levels by actually killing off the harmless bacteria. This leads to a spread in the harmful bacteria count and an increase in your chances of tooth decay and gum disease!

Smoking also leads to a dry mouth, which further increases your risk. Without saliva to wash away bacteria, acids, and food particles they have nowhere to go. If you’ve noticed that a dry mouth has caused you to have bad breath that’s the bacteria making trouble for your teeth and gums!

Alcohol Consumption: heavy drinkers have been found to have higher rates of gum disease. The same is true for users of other drugs as well. Be careful that you aren’t harming yourself by partaking to excess!

Hormonal Changes: this is mainly a concern for women during menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause. All three cause serious hormonal changes that can aggravate existing gum disease and increase your risks for developing it! Menstruation can cause gum inflammation and prohibit healing, menopause can lead to bone loss and a dry mouth, and pregnancy can actually cause gingivitis that endangers your unborn child!

It’s important for everyone to see the dentist, and that goes double for women who are pregnant or undergoing menopause. Regular treatment can prevent gum disease from ruining your health!

Diet: your diet is a major part of a healthy life, both bodily and dentally. The bacteria that causes gum disease is the same kind that causes cavities and those bacteria get their fuel from the same sugars you do! A diet high in sugar of any kinds is a recipe for gum disease and oral health problems! Make sure that you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, fiber-rich foods, and drinking plenty of water!

Prevent Gum Disease With Us!

At Marineland Dental Care we’re firm believers in preventive care. We never want to have to treat a bad condition when we can prevent it from ever occurring! Gum disease, like most other oral health problems, is very easily prevented with proper care!

Our preventive gum disease treatments are paired with deep cleanings to remove all the dangerous and harmful bacteria from the places you can’t reach with a brush or floss. Diligent brushing and flossing is essential but you can’t stay completely safe without professional cleanings at our Kennewick dentist office!

If you’re concerned that you may be at increased risk for gum disease or have noticed the early signs then take action now to save your smile! You can schedule an appointment at Marineland Dental Care by calling our office at 509-591-0515 or by filling out our online appointment request form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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