Convenience is everything. Take a look around society to see how convenience has taken over everything. Sometimes we do things because we think it will be more convenient, but the result is often not what we would have liked. Denture wearers, for example, might think that it is more convenient to just sleep in their dentures. Unfortunately, there are significant consequences for this action. Take a look below to see what we mean.

Increase in Plaque – Plaque is the sticky film that forms in your mouth when bacteria gathers on the surfaces of your teeth and dentures. When you sleep in your dentures, you will notice an increase in plaque which can cause your dentures to fall apart sooner and your mouth to be unhealthy.

Gum Inflammation – Your gums are some of the most sensitive tissues in your mouth. These soft tissues carry your dentures all day and need a break! If you don’t take your dentures out at the end of the day, your gums will often become inflamed and sore, making it more difficult to wear your dentures in the coming days.

Pneumonia Risk – One of the most serious risks for patients who sleep in their dentures is pneumonia. It is difficult to swallow while sleeping in your dentures, which makes it easy for fluids to build up in your lungs. Over time, you might develop breathing difficulties or pneumonia.

Your dentures need to come out of your mouth every night so that your mouth can get the rest it needs and your dentures can get the cleaning that they need! If you have any questions about what this looks like for your smile, just let us know! We would love to help you find a great cleaning solution for your dentures. Contact us today, and we’ll get started!

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