This is our favorite time of year! Everything will begin to turn orange, brown, and red and every restaurant and coffee shop will begin adding pumpkin to their menu in interesting new places. As we admire the way the trees change colors, we want to remind you that your teeth don’t have to. We’ve put together a few tips to help you avoid discoloring of the teeth by being careful with how and what you eat!

1) Limit Stain-Causing Beverages
Red wine, coffee, soft drinks and tea are all known for their staining capabilities. Tea actually causes more staining than the other two. You can still enjoy these beverages, but limit the amount and avoid sipping these beverages over an extended amount of time.

2) Drink With Straw
When you are wanting to drink a beverage that you know causes stains, a straw can be helpful. It will keep the beverage away from your teeth but allow you to enjoy the taste.

3) Care For Your Teeth After Eating
When you eat something like tomato sauce, beets, or dark berries, you can prevent the stain-causing properties by simply brushing your teeth afterward.

Food and drink are meant to be enjoyed. With a few precautionary measures you can keep your teeth from suffering stains while you enjoy the tastes you love. Contact us today to get more ideas about how you can protect your teeth from stains. We’d love to help you come up with a plan that will work for your lifestyle!

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