If having a fit and sexy body requires a strict adherence to your diet plan and hours of cardio work-out and strength training at your neighborhood gym, then having a perfect set of teeth and a beautiful smile also takes discipline and commitment. Having white, sparkling teeth may be the first thing that other people will notice about your improved smile. But nothing says beautiful teeth more than having healthy teeth. This means more than just having teeth that have become several shades brighter. It also means teeth that are free from plaque and tooth decay, so your damaged teeth should first be repaired and restored with dental filling, dental bonding or crowns to bring them back to optimum health.

It is for such reasons that Kennewick WA dentist Dr. Walter Hadley of the Marineland Dental Care clinic in Washington offers restorative dental treatment side by side cosmetic dental services. Understanding the value of having damage and disease-free teeth and its significance in creating your best possible smile, Dr. Hadley will first make a comprehensive examination of the your dental condition to determine the necessary restorations that he needs to make before you proceed with any aesthetic improvements like teeth whitening or veneers.

As he is fully aware that the combination of restorative treatment and cosmetic procedures can take a considerable time to do, maybe even several return appointments, Dr. Hadley takes efforts to ensure that his patients are relaxed and comfortable while in his clinic. This Kennewick dentist offers sedation dentistry alongside his other services to help patients with dental anxiety or those who don’t want to feel any anxiety as they spend hours in the dentist’s chair. You can choose from either oral sedation (sedative pill) or inhalation sedation (nitrous oxide/laughing gas), both available at Marineland Dental Care.

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