We are all looking for the fountain of youth, especially for our smiles! We want a beautiful, stunning smile so that when we interact with others, we feel confident and happy! The secret to a healthy smile might be closer than you think. Do you have a little white box of floss in your medicine cabinet? It’s time to utilize that floss for all that it’s worth to get a healthier smile!

Most dentists recommend that you floss at least once a day. Patients who are cavity-prone should floss after each meal. The floss plays an important role in oral health because it removes bacteria that brushing can’t begin to reach. About 40% of the bacteria in your mouth is in floss-only parts of the mouth. If you ignore it, it will go to work against your teeth leaving you with more decay, bad breath, and at risk for gum disease.

Don’t Let the Floss Box Collect Dust

It’s time to break out the floss! If you haven’t been flossing, the first few times might be a bit painful. That’s ok! Keep flossing. If the pain continues after 5-6 days of flossing, it could be a sign of a problem, and it’s time to give us a call. If you have trouble coordinating your hands and the floss in your mouth, we encourage you to look into other products like flossers and floss threaders that can help you floss. The important thing is that you are flossing!

There is power is that little string, and you need to be utilizing it! Set the box out on your sink, ask your partner to remind you, or sit a piece of floss around your finger! Do whatever you need to do to remember to floss each day! Contact us for more flossing techniques. Set up your six-month cleaning, and we’ll answer all of your floss-related questions when you come in for your appointment! We’d love to see you soon!

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