It may sound like a myth at first, but studies show that neglecting to brush and floss your teeth may not only give you a bad case of tooth decay, it may also prove to be fatal. Scientists have actually found a connection between gum disease and how it increases the risk of heart disease, having noted oral infection in patients who have been diagnosed with acute cerebrovascular ischemia, a condition that leads to a stroke.

The link is said to be based on the clot-forming protein that develops when the same bacteria responsible for causing tooth plaque and gum disease enters the bloodstream via gum infections. Although more studies are being undertaken to prove this theory, it does put a premium on why we should maintain proper oral hygiene, not just to stay away from tooth aches and bad breath, but on a deeper level, avoid more serious health problems as a whole.

In some ways, the presence of gum disease or tooth decay for that matter may not only be a result of poor oral care habits, but more of a reflection of our eating habits. A diet rich in carbohydrates and sugars may not only cause plaque build-up or the formation of cavities but also lead to diabetes, showing an example of how your oral condition directly relates to the probable state of the rest of your body.

With such a correlation, one cannot simply dismiss the importance of regular dental check-ups to help you discover not only any diseases concerning your teeth and gums, but also how its presence can be an indication of the existence of another disease in other areas of your body. For instance, there had documented cases of patients who had gum disease who also developed rheumatoid arthritis, wherein it is said that a common bacteria is shared by these two chronic inflammatory diseases.

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