I am Afraid of the Dentist

Not say gestureOvercome dental phobia and get the dental care you need with the help of your Washington dentist.

Dental phobia is not uncommon. Many Americans feel uncomfortable at the thought of stepping inside a dental office. Some are so afraid that they end up neglecting their oral health.

Painless and comfortable dental visits made possible with Sedation Dentistry.

To help overcome dental phobia, your Washington dental team offers sedation. The technique uses sedatives to help patients relax during dental examination and treatment. Sedation is recommended for patients with poor gag reflex, very sensitive teeth, complex dental problems and limited time to finish complex dental treatments.

Sedation helps you get the dental care and treatment you need without anxiety. It also helps your dentist accomplish more dental procedures with fewer visits. The types of sedation used in dentistry are:

  • Inhaled minimal sedation
  • Oral conscious sedation
  • Intravenous (IV) moderate sedation
  • Deep sedation and general anesthetic

Don’t let dental phobia get in the way of necessary dental care. Ask your Washington dentist about Sedation Dentistry. Call Marineland Dental at 509-591-0515 for more information or to schedule a consultation. You may also fill out our appointment form.

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