“They just seem like family to me now.” [video]

Katie has had bad experiences with dentists in the past. Practices where she felt like a number, where the doctor pulled her tooth before she was sufficiently numb. Then she came to Marineland Dental Care and discovered a totally different type of experience. She loves that Dr. Hadley listens to her and her concerns. The staff members stay long term and make her feel like a part of their ...

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Missing Teeth & Oral Health

Observed annually on March 20th, World Oral Health Day is meant to raise awareness of the importance of oral health and its role in maintaining overall well being. Today we’d like to discuss the particular issue of missing teeth. You may think of this as merely a cosmetic problem, but it’s far more. When you have a gap in your smile, it is not just unsightly. It may have serious ...

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Cleanings & Exams Keep Your Mouth Healthy [video]

Today is National Dentist’s Day, and Dr. Walter Hadley of Marineland Dental Care would like to remind you of the importance of practicing good oral hygiene and coming in for a professional cleaning and exam every six months. If you are looking for a new dental home, we want to welcome you to our lovely Kennewick, WA office. At Marineland Dental Care, we combine a phenomenal staff, top-notch ...

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Debut Your Movie Star Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

If you’re anything like us, in just three short days, you will be perched in front of your television watching a parade of celebrities walk the red carpet into Los Angeles’s Dolby Theatre. Yep, the 90th Academy Awards ceremony is Sunday night. So get ready to be awed by the opulent gowns, dapper tuxedos, glittering jewelry, and — certain exceptions notwithstanding — flawless smiles ...

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Tooth Bonding: A Faster, Easier Way To A Great Smile!

Our team at Marineland Dental Care wants every patient who visits our Kennewick, WA dental office to have a healthy, beautiful smile they love. And we offer many restorative and cosmetic treatments to help you achieve that! Today, we’re talking about one cosmetic dentistry option, tooth bonding, that’s often used as a faster, easier way to a great-looking smile! Tooth Bonding: Subtle ...

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Get A Healthy Spring Smile With Sedation Dentistry

It’s hard to believe, but we’re about to say goodbye to another month and usher in a new season. Spring is a time when many people come out of hibernation, start spending more time outdoors, and do some much needed seasonal cleaning around the house. It’s also a great time to get your oral health back on track if you’ve let dental fear keep you from visiting Marineland Dental Care ...

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Do You Show Signs Of Gum Disease? [quiz]

To honor Gum Disease Awareness Month, Dr. Hadley and our team at Marineland Dental Care wants to make sure you have the facts. Gum disease can sneak up on you without any obvious signs, but when you know what to look for, it will be easier for you to remain vigilant against this infection. Take a minute to answer a few questions and find out if you show any signs of gum disease. Let us ...

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Supercharge Your Smile with Dental Veneers

It’s February, which means romance is in the air, maybe you’re making special plans with your sweetie, and you’re probably seeing those little pastel-colored candy hearts everywhere. Does your smile say “Kiss Me,” “Be Mine,” and “Call Me”? Or is it nowhere to be seen, because you’re embarrassed to show it off? Life is too short to put up with less-than-pearly or ...

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Dr. Hadley on Old Gold Fillings [video]

If you have old gold fillings on your teeth that are becoming loose or worn out, come to Marineland Dental Care. With decades of experience under his belt, Dr. Hadley will conduct a thorough examination and advise you on whether your fillings should be replaced. He will also discuss with you the newer tooth-colored materials that enable you to get fillings that are totally invisible in your ...

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Destroy Gum Disease with Scaling and Root Planing [video]

Gum disease, or periodontal disease, occurs when bacteria infect your gum tissue. It can lead to swelling, pain, bleeding and, in its later stages, tooth loss. It may also increase your chances of developing heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and other serious afflictions. If caught early, gum disease can be reversed with professional cleanings and good oral hygiene at home. More advanced cases ...

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