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Dental Crowns in Kennewick, WA | Dental BridgesDental Crowns in Kennewick, WA | Dental Bridges

A dental crown is a restoration capped over a prepared tooth. Crowns:

  • Improve the appearance of discolored fillings
  • Protect broken teeth or teeth weakened by decay
  • Hold a denture or a bridge in place
  • Restore severely-eroded teeth
  • Cover a large filling
  • Fit over the prosthetic tooth root of a dental implant
  • Cover a tooth after root canal treatment
  • Fill gaps left by missing teeth
  • Cover misshapen teeth

The crown is customized to match your natural teeth as closely as possible. To learn more about crowns in Kennewick, WA , book a dental appointment with our Washington dental office.

Dental Bridges fill gaps left by missing teeth.

Dental bridges can also help:

  • Restore your ability to chew and speak properly
  • Prevent remaining teeth from shifting out of alignment
  • Maintain facial structures
  • Distribute chewing forces evenly

A dental bridge may be anchored by natural teeth or by dental implants. With regular dental care checkups and good oral hygiene, bridges can last more than ten years. To learn more about the advantages of dental crowns and bridges, please call our Kennewick, Washington dental office at 509-591-0515. You may also fill out the appointment form.






Dr Walter Hadley on Crowns & Bridges – Marineland Dental Care, Kennewick, WA

There are a number of new materials that have come out. Probably the one that’s changing dentistry the most is the ability to, on back teeth if we really need nice aesthetics on back teeth, we can use an all porcelain crown where it transmits the light better than the older style crowns do. I think that has a real indication for a lot of back teeth where, especially if it’s in the smile line, where they just look more natural.

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