Dentures with Implants


Ask your Washington dentist about dentures with implants that restore your teeth’s function and appearance.

Dentures with implants are dentures that are attached to dental implants. Implants serve as artificial tooth roots that provide stability and support.

Implant-supported dentures are recommended for patients with:

  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Unsalvageable teeth
  • Bone loss due to removable or partial dentures
  • Chewing difficulties
  • Enough bone in the jaw to support implants

Dentures with implants are also great options for patients looking for alternatives to bridges, ill-fitting dentures and dentures that cause pain or loss of taste.

The most common types of dentures with implants are bar-retained and ball-retained. Both types use acrylic bases that resemble the gums. Artificial teeth made of porcelain or acrylic are connected to the foundation.

Getting Dentures with Implants

The implants secure artificial teeth with snap-on connectors. Full dentures can be fabricated without the artificial palate. Implant-supported dentures increase biting force to help you speak, chew and smile with ease. Dentures with implants may also prevent loss of jawbone density.

Ask your Washington dentist about getting dentures with implants. For more information, please call Marineland Dental at 509-591-0515. You may also get in touch with our Kennewick, Washington dental office by filling out the appointment form.

Dr Walter Hadley on Dentures with Implants – Marineland Dental Care, Kennewick, WA

There’s a large part of the population out there that just put up with what they have, but there are some that just no longer can wear their dentures. Years ago we didn’t have much to offer that patient other than to try and reline it and try and make another denture or put a softliner here or a this or that there, and pretty much have to just have people live with their problem. A number of years ago when implants became a doable procedure in a general office setting, that pretty much overnight changed the whole idea of dentures being uncomfortable. Now patients can have two or more implants placed that will hold that denture in and it’s astonishing how well it has changed the picture for dentures. In fact it has changed it so much that there are dental schools now in the United States that will not allow their student dentists to make a new denture on the lower for a patient unless they agree that they’re going to have implants later on, they work so well. The lower denture especially doesn’t work well without them, so the dental schools won’t even let their students make them anymore.

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