Dental Implants

Replace Missing or Damaged Teeth with Affordable Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Kennewick, WA |Marineland Dental
Dental Implants in Kennewick, WA

Now you have the option to replace missing or damaged teeth with affordable dental implants that look and function just like real teeth.

Dental implants are the ideal solution to missing teeth. Implants are permanent, and they are more comfortable than conventional dentures and bridges. Most patients, however, are concerned about the cost.

At Marineland Dental, we won’t let cost stop you from considering this natural-looking and comfortable solution. Our friendly team of dental professionals will take you through a wide range of financial options, and we’ll find the one that best suits your budget.

Your Washington dentist will then do a thorough dental examination to find out if you are a suitable candidate for dental implant. Among other things, Dr. Walter Hadley will check if you have healthy gums and jawbone.

Dental implant will then be installed. During surgery, the dentist will insert a metal anchor, typically made of titanium, into the jawbone. After the metal anchor has fused with the jawbone, an artificial tooth or a crown is placed over the tooth root.

The result? A natural-looking smile and a better, more confident you.

Find out how you can get dental implants in Kennewick, WA that suit your budget. Fill out our patient form or call us at 509-591-0515 for more information. We’re happy to assist you!







Dr Walter Hadley on Dental Implants – Marineland Dental Care, Kennewick, WA

If the teeth are in really nice shape, especially virgin teeth, you really hate to grind them down to do a bridge and so if the person has bone they can have an implant put in in most cases. That’s one of the big advantages of implants, especially a single tooth; you can leave the adjacent teeth alone and just have the one single tooth placed in. It really works very well. The nice thing about an implant of course it’s not going to decay, it’s not going to get decay or periodontal disease as easily as a regular tooth might.

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