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Dental Implants: Tooth Replacements That Feel And Function Like Your Own

Missing teeth not only mar your smile, they cause other problems too. For example, they:

  • Can affect how you speak
  • Make it hard to enjoy some foods
  • Leave you more susceptible to decay and other problems in your surrounding teeth
  • Reduce bone density in your jaw, which can affect your appearance

Given this, it’s important to replace missing teeth. At our Kennewick, WA dentist office we offer dental implants, which can replace anywhere from a single missing tooth to an entire mouthful of teeth. They provide benefits that other tooth replacements don’t, such as preserving your bone structure.

To find out more about dental implants, call Marineland Dental Care at 509-591-0515.

What’s So Great About Dental Implants?

Dental implants feel, look, and function more like your own teeth than other tooth replacements. They are:

  • Secure. Because dental implants are embedded into your jawbone, they won’t go anywhere! They’ll never slip or move in your mouth.
  • Long-lasting. Implants are made of sturdy titanium and should last a lifetime with proper care.
  • Easy to maintain. You just brush and floss as usual. No special cleaning routines are needed.
  • Strong. Dental implants can take the same kind of force as your own teeth. Your bite will be virtually as strong as it was before.
  • Healthy. Dental implants act as a replacement tooth “root” and stimulate your jawbone much as a natural root would.
  • Low impact. Unlike a dental bridge, we won’t have to alter your surrounding healthy teeth to place a dental implant.

Discover How Dental Implants Work

A dental implant procedure includes three separate parts:

  • A sturdy titanium implant, which we place directly into your jaw. The bone grows around the implant in a process called osseointegration, creating a stable foundation for a dental restoration.
  • A piece of hardware called an abutment, which sits atop the implant, and is used to attach the dental restoration of your choice.
  • Your dental restoration, which we attach to the abutment. Your choices for a restoration include a dental crown to replace a single missing tooth or, to replace multiple missing teeth, a dental bridge or dentures.

Building Up Bone Density Or Choosing Mini Implants

Part of your evaluation for dental implants is determining whether your jawbone is dense enough to support implants. If your bone isn’t dense enough, though, you have still have options:

  • Hadley may be able to use mini dental implants, which are smaller than full-size implants, to support your restoration.
  • Hadley can perform a procedure such as a bone graft to encourage bone growth and strengthen your jaw.

To discuss dental implants with Dr. Hadley, call Marineland Dental Care at 509-591-0515. Or use our handy online form to book a visit to our Kennewick, WA dentist office.

Dr Walter Hadley on Dental Implants – Marineland Dental Care, Kennewick, WA

If the teeth are in really nice shape, especially virgin teeth, you really hate to grind them down to do a bridge and so if the person has bone they can have an implant put in in most cases. That’s one of the big advantages of implants, especially a single tooth; you can leave the adjacent teeth alone and just have the one single tooth placed in. It really works very well. The nice thing about an implant of course it’s not going to decay, it’s not going to get decay or periodontal disease as easily as a regular tooth might.

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