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Lower Denture to Replace Missing Teeth at Your Washington Dental Office

Lower Dentures in Kennewick, WA | Marineland Dental
Lower Dentures in Kennewick, WA

Lower dentures are partial dentures placed on the lower jaw. For some, denture on the lower jaw tend to slide or click when eating or speaking. The good news is that lower dentures can be secured through a number of ways.

Mini dental implants provide a secure anchor for the lower denture. A dental implant is strong, sturdy and biocompatible—it is naturally accepted by the body. If there is not enough bone density in the lower jaw, mini dental implants are often recommended. Bone grafting may also be done to augment areas of thin bone, making it possible to use regular dental implants.

Another way to secure lower denture is by using a strip that’s attached between the jaw ridge and the cheek. An alveolar ridge augmentation may be used to build up the ridge and strengthen the foundation.

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Dr Walter Hadley on Lower Dentures – Marineland Dental Care, Kennewick, WA

Probably the happiest patients we’ve seen are the ones that have two implants put in about where the canines or cuspids were, and with some small clips and little o-ring devices that denture clips in with an audible click. The nice thing about it is it doesn’t rotate, it doesn’t fall off and many of those people go back to eating similar to what they were when they had natural teeth and they’d forgotten what it was like to eat corn on the cob and some other things like that. I think some of them, if you offered them $20,000 for their lower denture with the implants to give them up I think they’d refuse you because it’s made such a difference in their life.

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