Why You Might Need A Root Canal In Kennewick [Blog]

What’s worse than a cavity? An infection inside your tooth! Cavities are caused by harmful bacteria. If they break through the enamel, they can get inside the tooth and infect it. If untreated, this will cause you a lot of pain while it weakens the tooth. It can even fall out eventually. Thankfully, a root canal treatment can remove the bacteria and save the tooth. By calling us today ...

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Dental Veneers in Kennewick, WA Make Smiles Happen [Photo]

During the holidays, you probably met many people at office parties, family gatherings, and even shopping at the mall. Was your smile up for all that? If your teeth are stained, worn, or chipped, you may not feel like showing your smile to others. Thankfully, you can get dental veneers in Kennewick, WA that transform your teeth into ones you will be proud to show. Dr. Hadley is both trained ...

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Healthy Teeth Tips For The Holidays [BLOG]

It’s hard to believe it, but Christmas and New Year’s are right around the corner! Chances are you’re down to the last-minute errands and running around gathering up the remaining gifts for your loved ones. As you scan the grocery store aisles for the rest of your holiday fixings, the Marineland Dental Care team encourages you to remember a few healthy teeth tips that will keep your smile ...

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Could Smile Improvements Make Your Holiday Brighter? [Quiz]

The holiday season is about embracing time with family and friends, giving, and peace. It’s a time full of fellowship over meals, conversation, and laughter. If you aren’t happy with your smile, that laughter may not come as easily. Neither may your smile during the inevitable holiday photos. This may be your last holiday with an imperfect grin. Smile improvements at Marineland Dental ...

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Why Holly Gets Excited About Her Dental Appointments [Video]

Holly S. is a great fan of Dr. Walter Hadley for a number of reasons. Among many other things, he found a simple (from Holly’s viewpoint) treatment for a crooked tooth that other dentists said would require braces. Today, she actually gets excited about her dental appointments. That’s a strange thing to hear from someone with dental anxiety, but the dental sedation available at Marineland ...

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A Root Canal Relieves Pain And Saves Your Tooth

Keeping your natural teeth is always your best option. At Marineland Dental Care in Kennewick, WA, Dr. Walter Hadley has saved tens of thousands of teeth that would otherwise have been lost. In the majority of those cases, the “dreaded” root canal procedure was involved. If the thought of a root canal makes you shudder, there’s great news. Today’s root canal is described by most patients ...

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Have Your Last Thanksgiving With Missing Teeth [Infographic]

This could be your final Thanksgiving where you pass up your favorite foods due to missing teeth. Have a full set of naturally functioning teeth that look and feel great. Dental implants can provide the perfect solution! Take a look at this infographic where we discuss a few of the benefits of having dental implants on Thanksgiving day. Call us today to find out if you qualify for this type of ...

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Prevent Periodontal Disease With Expert Advice from Dr. Hadley [Video]

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Throughout this month, we will be talking a lot about periodontal disease and how it affects those who live with diabetes. Today we want to begin by talking about the basics of preventing gum disease: understanding what actually happens in your mouth. Listen to Dr. Hadley describe how bacteria affect your gums. Then, take his advice and schedule your next ...

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Are You Haunted By Your Missing Teeth? [Quiz]

If you are missing teeth or have been wearing poor-fitting dentures for a while, it’s time to consider a great tooth replacement. You don’t have to be haunted by your smile any longer. Marineland Dental Care offers several tooth replacement options, from mini dental implants to dental bridges, that can give you a full, confident smile. With Dr. Hadley’s help, you can: Smile without ...

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Root Canals Aren’t The Bogeyman Any More

There was a time that any mention of the “dreaded” root canal provoked shivers. The reason for that reaction was that a lot of myths about root canals just refused to go away. Those myths were largely due to some really bad science about 100 years ago, believe it or not! If you need a root canal, discover just how easy and painless they can be. Consult Dr. Walter Hadley at Marineland Dental ...

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