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If you’ve ever seen those TV shows about extreme house makeovers, you know how they work. Someone has a home that looks horrible. Professionals come in and do whatever work is necessary. That someone comes back for the dramatic reveal and cries for joy over their new, beautiful home.

You may not get a dramatic reveal with a smile makeover, but you’ll still get a new, beautiful smile. No matter what cosmetic dentistry treatment you need — teeth whitening, tooth bonding, veneers, dental crowns, or dental implants — your smile will look great again. That’s a big deal all by itself, but cosmetic dentistry can have a huge impact on your life. Here are five amazing benefits of a smile makeover.

5 Smile Makeover Benefits

Keep your teeth and gums healthier. Believe it or not, many of the treatments in a smile makeover do more than just improve your look. If you are missing teeth, food particles can collect in that gap. This increases your chances of tooth decay and periodontal disease. If you included dental implants in your smile makeover, you’ll get a beautiful replacement tooth put in that gap. But that will also make it harder for food to get stuck there, decreasing your health risks.

Improve your self-esteem and confidence as a whole. Imagine going in to get your haircut. You look in the mirror, and you absolutely hate what you see. It’s not what you wanted at all. Now imagine walking out of there and heading home. Because you know everyone can see that horrible haircut, you’ll be self-conscious. When you talk to people, you’ll be watching if their eyes wander up to stare at your hair. It’s embarrassing. All of that will sap your self-esteem and confidence.

That’s just a haircut. It’s a bit worse when your teeth are the problem. You can’t hide your bad smile under a hat. It’s not like you can never smile or open your mouth, either. A smile makeover gets rid of the cosmetic problems with your teeth. You’ll feel much more confident and assured knowing that your smile looks great.

Get more attention from your spouse or partner. People spend a lot of money every year to look younger and healthier. Gym memberships, tanning, and special moisturizers are all there to improve your look. Why do people spend so much on it? Because that’s what most people find attractive. It’s not as simple as “look good, get dates”. Personality and intelligence matter a lot. But how would you react if someone wearing torn clothes and a huge, ugly hat asked you out? That’s what it’s like when your teeth are stained and chipped.

Getting a smile makeover won’t suddenly improve your romantic life. But it will help. If you’re married, your spouse will appreciate that as well. Getting teeth whitening, veneers, and similar treatments will take years off your look. And that’s what will help you get that first date.

Improve your career and work life. A great smile won’t help you work better or get more work done. (Unless you’re some kind of tooth model.) But when your self-esteem is higher thanks to a smile makeover, you are going to be more positive and self-assured. You will trust your decisions more, and you’ll feel better about contributing.

Also, people tend to treat you better when you look good. If you go to a meeting wearing a stained shirt and dirty jeans, you are not going to get the respect you need. Even if your presentation is perfect, people will be distracted by your look. The same is true when you go to a meeting with an ugly smile. If you have a smile makeover, your teeth will look great. People at work will be more likely to talk to you, listen to you, and trust your advice.

Avoid reminders of accidents and trauma. There are plenty of reasons why our smiles look bad over time. Coffee and wine can stain your teeth, making them look dingy and dark. Neglecting your teeth can give you cavities or even chipped teeth. The worst is when it’s not your fault at all. People in bad car or bike accidents can damage their teeth bad enough that their smiles look bad.

When you look in the mirror, you’ll see the damage. That can quickly bring back the memories of that accident. The more you see your damaged teeth, the harder it will be to move past the trauma in your mind. A smile makeover can correct the problems, giving you a beautiful smile. By covering up and fixing the problems, you’ll be able to finally get past those memories.

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