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Just hearing that phrase can bring up the worst images that come with a trip to the dentist, doesn’t it?

Let’s say it again: Root canal.

Indeed, root canals conjure up all sorts of negative feelings and fears you’ve come to associate with going to the dentist. From drills to searing pain and more, you think it’s not worth it – even if it means sacrificing the quality of your smile.

What if I told you that being afraid of a root canal is the same as being afraid of the Boogeyman?

What do you think you’d see if you looked under your bed? Maybe some clothes, or just the floor – but no monsters, right? We didn’t think so. In much the same way, root canals are like a paper tiger: Their reputation is the only scary thing about them once you understand what they are.

You’re not a child anymore, so why cling to outdated fears that no longer have any truth to them?

Marineland Dental Care specializes in endodontic procedures like root canals by using the latest technology and techniques available that ensure the only thing you have to fear is what can happen by not going to the dentist.

What Is Endodontics?

As a specialization of general dentistry, endodontics is the study and treatment of what goes on inside of your teeth.

More specifically, it’s being skilled enough to identify and to treat issues that arise with a tooth’s “pulp,” which is a fleshy tissue that resides inside of your teeth that supplies them with blood.

Healthy pulp, healthy teeth. Simple.

Unfortunately, complications can arise that threaten your tooth’s pulp. A good example would be an untreated cavity, which can, over time, erode a tooth’s enamel to the point where bacteria can have direct access to the pulp itself.

If you have ever had a cavity, or have one now, then you know how painful these toothaches can be.

What you might not know is that, unless you get this taken care of right away, your pulp can become infected and inflamed. More often than I would like, a patient will wait until the only thing I can do is remove and replace the tooth.

It doesn’t ever have to come to that point, especially if you’re afraid of a root canal, because it can not only save your tooth but it can help restore it to its former glory without multiple trips to my office.

Root Canals Save You Money, Time, and Teeth

After you consult with us in our warm and relaxing Kennewick offices, we’ll use a variety of methods to get to the root of your particular problem – quite literally!

Extreme or advanced cases aren’t a problem, either, because we use digital 3D-imaging technology, ultrasonics and other non-invasive processes to quickly examine your tooth.

If a root canal is what’s needed, you won’t have to sweat it. We can schedule the entire procedure for one afternoon!

Here are some of other advantages to getting a root canal before it’s too late:

  • Normal range of activity. You can bite and chew the foods you want without having to worry about sharp stabs of pain.
  • Saving the teeth you have. In many cases, if we can catch root and pulp issues in time, you won’t have to lose the entire tooth in the process.
  • Increased self-confidence. By having a healthier smile, you won’t be as self-conscious to show it off.
  • Added protection against decay. A root canal can reset the clock on your tooth, and help prevent against future infections.

I believe that, in the very near future, a root canal will be no more difficult or time-intensive than getting a filling. Quick and easy on the patient, but with positive life-changing consequences, all taken care of in the same visit.

There’s no need to worry about pain, either. We use a high-quality local anesthetic to numb the treated area.

Hopefully, with all that you now know about root canals, you’ll realize that you have more reasons to fear what’s under your bed than you do a straightforward, no-fuss procedure that will have long lasting benefits to your smile.

It’s Time To Beat The Boogeyman

Inaction is the worst course of action you can take if you need a root canal. Don’t let your fears get in the way of that more perfect smile, and give us a call today at 509-591-0515 to schedule an appointment.

Or you can fill out a simple form to request an appointment with us online.

It’s time to say goodbye to the Boogeyman, and to say hello to a healthier smile!

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