Removable dentures are a viable long-term solution to tooth loss. They’re non-invasive, which means you can have them fitted without having to undergo oral surgery. That’s a boon for those who suffer from tooth loss, but are too wary of the pain and discomfort that comes with getting dental implants. At most, your Kennewick dentist will extract any remaining tooth that is no longer functional.

They’re also reversible. People can put on and remove their dentures without any professional assistance. Moreover, people feel more comfortable with a temporary but effective solution like dentures because it gives them the opportunity to switch to other options if they realize that it isn’t the best one for them. The idea of getting permanent new teeth like dental implants makes some people uneasy, since it would be difficult, if not impossible, to have them taken out if they feel unhappy with the results.

However, people may experience some temporary challenges with removable dentures, especially if they’re only wearing them for the first time. It takes a period of adjustment to completely ease into the daily wear of dentures.

People often realize that removable dentures feel very foreign in their mouth, as if they’re eating with a device and not with their own teeth. However, wearing the dentures as often as possible can make them feel more familiar.

Even if the dentures fit properly, it’s common for the lower dentures to feel more loose than the upper dentures. This has to do with the natural structure of the mouth. The lower dentures may slip and slide in varying degrees. For some, having loose lower dentures pose no problem, even if they are aware that the lower dentures aren’t an exact fit. For others, however, the lower dentures may be so mobile that they are unable to eat properly. Some bits of food may get into the bottom plate of the dentures.

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