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With so much on your mind these days, having a dentist poke around inside of your mouth with sharp instruments doesn’t exactly inspire you with enthusiasm.

I don’t blame you. A lot of my first-time patients share similar stories with me. You’d be surprised, but after they come in for a visit, they’re comfortable enough to actually tell me those horror stories about dentists in their past.

For the most part, their stories involve a fear of pain. It’s understandable, especially for my Baby Boomer patients. They can remember an unfortunate time when dental technology wasn’t quite as advanced as it is now, a time when braces were painful and the sound of drills were all that they could think of when asked about their memories of receiving dental care.

Dental anxiety isn’t just a popular buzzword; it’s an actual psychological condition, and one that affects millions of Americans to the point where they won’t even go to see their Kennewick dentist even if it means giving up on the care that they need. It’s a sad turn of events, but it’s one that’s unfortunately too common.

There are many people out there, perhaps including you, who are afraid of far more than just drills and pain. For some, just the sensation of being in a chair in which you cannot move is enough to stress you out. A lack of control can make it difficult to relax enough ot where my team and I can treat you.

Talk about a Catch-22: You’re either too afraid to come and see me, yet even if you do, your anxieties might physically affect my ability to perform a treatment as simple and as painless as a teeth cleaning. With outcomes like that, it seems like there’s no way you can win.

Yet there is a third option that exists, one that can help you to successfully get treatment and confront your discomfort without having to get expensive therapy, which can take years to work.

Easing Fears With Sedation Dentistry

As I mentioned, just making an appointment and coming to my Kennewick office is hard enough for you if you have serious fears of the dentist. Once you’re here and in the chair to receive any kind of treatment, you’ll have to remain calm enough in order to sit still. Suffering from a panic attack or other type of anxiety symptom during a dental procedure can be devastating to the process, causing more damage than was the case before you set one foot in my office.

Even if your anxiety doesn’t reach those levels, the discomfort and thought of being there can make your skin crawl.

My solution to these problems is a simple one. Don’t blink, because you just might miss it. No, really: It’s a tiny pill that will put your fears to rest once and for all.

The pill is a mild anti-anxiety drug that won’t knock you completely out, as would be the case with nitrous oxide gas or similar general anesthetic gas. About an hour before your procedure is to begin, you will just take the pill with a glass of water in my offices and wait for the effect to take place.

That effect is a reduced sense of anxiety. You’ll still be aware of what it is happening, but you just won’t be as scared or as jumpy about it.

The neat thing about this method is that, by keeping you conscious during a procedure, you can learn firsthand that there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. There’s no Bogeyman hiding in the closet waiting to strike, just the highest quality general dentistry in Kennewick, as far as my patients are concerned.

Once you’ve experienced treatment with sedation dentistry, you’ll be less afraid in the future to come back for your semi-annual teeth cleaning, perhaps, or can finally work up the nerve to tackle more complex treatments, whatever your needs might be.

It’s part of the commitment that I make to my patients to provide to them the best dental care that is also the gentliest. My team and I share a passion for making patients like you just another member of our family, and we will treat you as such from your first appointment to your last.

To finally get the treatment that you require and to confront your fears in the process, I invite you to please call me at 509-591-0515. Alternatively, you can request an appointment online by clicking this link.

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