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Dental crowns are wonderful things. They do so much for you. Crowns combine cosmetic and restorative dentistry, so you can get repairs made that look great. When you have problems with damaged teeth, your smile is in jeopardy. You could easily lose teeth. Here are five ways dental crowns can save your smile.

1. Turn a misshapen, stained tooth into one that looks great. If a lot of your teeth have cosmetic problems like dark stains, you can get cosmetic treatments. But if you just have one tooth that’s a problem, it makes more sense to target that one problem. Maybe you had an accident and it looks bad. Maybe you were just born with a tooth that looks unusual. You could even have intrinsic stains — ones that are so deep, they cannot be lifted.

Dental crowns are custom made for your tooth. After the dental crown procedure is complete, your misshapen and stained tooth will look normal and healthy.

2. Protect a tooth after a root canal so it doesn’t get reinfected. Harmful bacteria in your mouth can cause major problems. They create cavities and cause periodontal disease. But if they get through the enamel, they can infect the pulp inside your teeth. This can create a powerful toothache. Root canals remove the infection, but Dr. Hadley needs to create a small hole your tooth first. Then he can carefully remove the infected pulp.

However, this leaves your tooth weaker. It has a hole in it, after all. To make the tooth strong again, you can get a dental crown placed over it. This dental crown restoration keeps your tooth healthy and strong.

3. Replace a missing tooth — and hold the replacement securely. There are several ways you can lose a tooth. An accident can knock one out. Periodontal disease can make them fall out. Sometimes, you are just born with fewer adult teeth than you need. Regardless of why, you need a replacement. Food particles can build up in that space, increasing the risk of tooth decay and periodontal disease. Even if that weren’t true, how long do you want to walk around with a huge gap in your smile?

Since a dental crown is made to look like a healthy version of one of your teeth, it can be used as a replacement for the one that went missing. This is called a dental bridge. Two other crowns — placed on the teeth on either side of the gap — hold the replacement securely. You get a replacement without any surgery.

4. Repair damage from accidents and injuries. If you get into a bad accident, you could damage your teeth severely. People have chipped and cracked their teeth while riding bikes or even having a car crash. Sports injuries can do this too. A bad tackle or a falling after getting tangled up under the net can cause the same kind of damage. Even grinding your teeth at night (bruxism) can weaken your teeth.

At our Kennewick, WA dental office, you can get a dental crown to cover up and protect damaged teeth. Obvious damage like chips and cracks will be sealed up so they don’t get any worse. Weak spots caused by damage or teeth grinding will be strengthened by the crown.

5. Repair tooth decay that has grown too large for fillings. When harmful bacteria live on your teeth, they feed off tiny particles of food and secrete an acid. That’s what causes cavities. The acid corrodes the enamel, creating a small crater. If it’s caught while it’s still small, you can get a dental filling to repair the damage. However, cavities get worse over time. If you ignore it or do not come into our Kennewick, WA dental office for regular exams, that cavity could grow too big. Putting a filling in that crater would put too much pressure on the rest of the enamel. You could end up cracking open the tooth.

Dental crowns can be used instead. In a dental crown procedure, Dr. Hadley will place the crown over the entire visible part of your tooth. Any cavity will be sealed up and protected, even the large ones. You’ll be back to chewing and looking normal quickly.

A dental crown restoration will repair damaged teeth, protect them from future damage, and make them look great again. If you are ready to get your smile back, call us today at 509-591-0515.

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