No one told you dentures were going to be this bad – they were supposed to be the solution, right? You might have heard dentures were the greatest but as you wear them you realize that they just aren’t the perfect solution. Suction? It sounds like a great idea at first …

If you’re experiencing unhappiness with your dentures you might not know where to turn – what else can you do that would make life better, another super adhesive? Or maybe you’re embarrassed over a previous denture mishap: did they fall out during a social function? Maybe you’ve lost your teeth when eating with your family – it just needs to stop!

What Could Be Worse?

Did you know denture use has been tied to other health problems as well? It’s true: dentures aren’t just affecting your mouth and your pride – it’s body wide!

  • Are your dentures loose? That’s because of bone loss! Your jaw bones continue to shrink without teeth to support them, making your dentures get looser and looser!
  • Continued bone loss can make other solutions more difficult!
  • Bone loss also contributes to a sunken face, even when wearing dentures!
  • Dentures are linked to nutritional problems due to difficulties with eating!
  • People with dentures can look prematurely aged due to the difficulty of wearing them comfortably.

There are long-term effects to wearing dentures – there’s no doubt! You may have considered dental implants in the past and just didn’t think they sounded feasible. Whether because of the cost, worry about the procedure, or any other reason dental implants are a major commitment!

Get Implants, Keep Your Dentures!

Slipping, sliding, and falling dentures can be a thing of the past without costing as much as traditional implants by using implant support systems! Using just a few dental implants we can attach a series of balls or a bar that clicks in place on your modified dentures!

Just imagine – every morning you get up and snap your dentures into place – no more shifting, sliding, and loosening dentures! They’ll be held firmly in place until you want to take them out! Using one of the two attachment systems you’ll finally be in charge of your own mouth again!

Bar-Retained Dentures

In this method, we use a metal bar that attaches to as many as four dental implants. The bar has a small groove that runs along the top which is where clasps snap on. These clasps are set into your current dentures, and you just have to pop them in place!

Ball-Retained Dentures

The ball-retained option uses a series of metal balls placed atop your implants. These balls snap into sockets that are placed in your current dentures. They offer a firm attachment that will leave you feeling more comfortable then you have in years!

Both types of implant-supported dentures offer one big thing that you won’t get when wearing regular dentures: confidence in your teeth. There’s no more losing your dentures during a mean, awkward slipping and having to reposition your teeth, and no bad-tasting pastes, gels, and adhesives.

You owe it to yourself to have a set of teeth you can be comfortable in, and implant-supported dentures can give you that confidence! If you’re interested in finding out more about implant-supported dentures call Marineland Dental Care today at 509-591-0515. You can also schedule a consultation using our online form. We hope to see you soon!

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