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There’s almost a 50-50 chance your child has a cavity.

According to the latest data published by the National Institute For Dental and Craniofacial Research, 41% of children aged 2-11 have cavities in their primary teeth.

Think about that for a second. Slightly more than 4 out of every 10 children in America has a cavity that is threatening their smile and quality of life. And the less money earned by that child’s parents, the worse their dental problems tend to be. It’s tragic, but it’s sadly the world we live in.

In my experience, a lot of cavities go untreated in large part because a parent will give in to their child’s fears about going to the dentist. (But if I’m really being honest, the same is true for too many adults who refuse dealing with the fallout of a cavity!)

As a parent, you want to do everything you can possibly do to prevent harm from coming to your family. I understand completely.

Yet when it comes to cavities, maybe you haven’t been as protective as you should have been. Toothaches here and there add up to headaches – not only for your child or adolescent, but for you, as well.

You might think that you are shielding them from the pain of a trip to the dentist’s office, and perhaps choose instead to use home remedies that are ineffective compared to the capabilities of your Kennewick dentist. There is simply no substitute for the quality of care that my firm, Marineland Dental Care, can provide for you and your family.

Because by avoiding me and my services, you’re only prolonging the damage when there is a simple and pain-free endodontic solution to taking care of even the worst cavities.

Pain-Free Root Canals To Alleviate Cavity Symptoms

You’re probably thinking: “Did I just read ‘root canal’ and ‘pain-free’ in the same sentence?”

Yes, you did, and for good reason. The myth that root canals are the most painful thing in the world ever is exactly that: just a myth. Despite what you think you know about root canals, they don’t cause you pain. Instead, they relieve it.

But let’s back up just a second. Root canals are necessary when a cavity has progressed to the point that it has caused an infection in the root of a tooth. The art and science of treating issues inside of the tooth itself is known as endodontics, and with my extensive experience and by using the latest techniques, a root canal is no more painful than getting a simple filling.

By treating the root, I can eliminate and even reverse the nasty effects of cavities in the smiles of your entire family.

In effect, by performing a crucial root canal procedure, this can prevent the loss of the tooth itself. This can be important for teenagers and adults who are stuck with the teeth they will have for the rest of their life – or, sadly, stuck with until they meet an early demise due to decay, infection or oral injury.

I can solve all of those problems and more, but since children love their sweets, and since we also know that sugar can feed harmful tooth-destroying bacteria, a root canal is often the best bet for saving an infected tooth.

If you give in to those fears, then the solution will be drastic and actually painful, which likely means extracting a tooth. This can be devastating to your self-esteem no matter your age, but it can be particularly troubling for adolescents. The loss of a tooth due to a cavity at such a critical age can have a lasting, negative effect on their self-esteem for years, even decades.

But you have the power to do something about it before it ever gets to that point. You can seek the treatment your family deserves while protecting their oral health.

I recommend calling me to set up a consultation appointment with any member of your family who is suffering from a chronic toothache before the ache wins and the tooth loses. By examining the problem, I can figure out if a root canal is necessary, repair any damage I encounter, and restore beauty to their smiles.

So please, take the initiative and schedule your appointment with me today by calling 509-519-0515. You can also take care of that online by requesting an appointment through my website.

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