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You’re scared of me.

I get it. I know that it’s nothing personal; you’re just afraid of what I do.

Fear of dentistry is something I deal with on a daily basis. Some people don’t like the thought of tools being shoved into their mouths, even if though those tools are actually helping you.

Other people find that the idea of the pain that is often (falsely) associated with dental work is enough for them to have second thoughts about coming in to receive treatment that they desperately need.

The problem is that not only is there no reason for you to fear going to the dentist anymore – not for pain, not for discomfort, not even for those frightening tools – but that by giving in to your fears, you’re putting the health of your smile at serious risk for a number of nasty diseases and disorders.

Sadly, this fear of yours could ultimately kill you, because a lot of oral complications can result in death in their most extreme, untreated forms.

I’ll bet that you’ve never heard about sedation dentistry, then, have you?

No-Fear Dental Work

What if you could get all the dental work you ever needed, but you didn’t have to experience the terror and pain that often comes with it?

That’s the freedom that dental sedation can offer someone like you.

No matter what kind of treatment you require, you won’t have to experience any unpleasant moments while we fix your smile. I strive to make my patients feel like guests in my own home, and our inviting Kennewick offices reflect that desire for comfort with a cozy waiting room to help put you at ease.

We offer oral sedation remedies to help alleviate your dental anxiety. This method is much easier on the body than intravenous sedation methods, so that means no needles, either; just a simple oral sedative and you’ll be able to relax and let my highly skilled staff and I deliver the results you deserve.

If you’ve experienced any of the following during a trip to a previous dentist, then you’re likely a prime candidate for the benefits of oral sedation dentistry:

  • Dental Phobia – You may not have been aware that dental phobia is a legitimate condition, sharing much in common with post-traumatic stress disorder. Being confined to a chair and operated on can be an intense prospect for you, and the effects can be debilitating. Let us take the burden from you.
  • Extremely Sensitive Teeth – The intensity of receiving dental work isn’t just psychological, especially if your teeth and gums are overly sensitive, whether by their own nature of as a symptom of a longstanding dental disorder. Sedation dentistry will prevent you from feeling any physical discomfort.
  • Tight Schedules – Many people tend to find appointments themselves a bit unnerving. Trying to force the time required  for dental work into an already busy schedule can feel like juggling chainsaws, making it hard to sit still or keep calm while you’re with us. We can bypass those concerns simply and easy with sedation therapy, all while giving you the care that you need.
  • Acute Gag Reflexes – When the sensation of dental work can be too much, your gag reflex can make it difficult for you to receive treatment. it can also make it difficult for me to provide it. Sedation therapy overrides taxing body responses like an overactive gag reflex to ensure that you remain serene during any procedure.
  • Difficulty Achieving Numbness – Although rare, some patients have experienced the horrifying situation in which a local anesthetic has failed to work as designed, allowing pain to flood into your nervous system. Our techniques prevent that from ever happening by keeping you in a pain-free state at all times during a procedure.

We will take any measure necessary in order to make you feel comforted when you’re with us, not only because it will make my job more efficient, but because it accomplishes our number one goal: Getting you superior dental care that’s as painless as it is effective.

But I can’t help you unless you schedule a consultation that will revolutionize the way you think about going to the dentist.

Please call my practice at 509-591-0515 to do just that, or you can request an appointment with us online.

Together, we can conquer your fears as we conquer the forces that are holding back your smile.

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