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Are your dentures doing everything they could? This is an important question to ask. Your teeth aren’t there just to make your smile look pretty. They have important functions as well.

To get the full benefit of dentures, they need to be stable, secure, and strong. Frankly, that’s not something you can sustain by using a denture adhesive.

We offer dental implants at our dentist office in Kennewick, WA, because we want our patients to receive all the advantages that dentures can provide. Implant-supported dentures are an investment in your future and in your quality of life.

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A Meal With Dental Implants

Consider this scenario:

You’ve been wanting to catch up with a friend on some recent life events (new additions to your families, recent vacations, etc.), and you wanted to try the new restaurant that just opened. You plan to get together for a long lunch so you can enjoy the meal and one another’s company.

Before leaving the house, you debate putting on denture adhesive. It can make your dentures a little more secure. At the same time, it sometimes interferes with the taste of your food. Eventually, you decide to use the adhesive in hopes that it will keep your dentures from falling out of your mouth. They have been feeling a lot looser lately.

You arrive at the restaurant first, and you start looking over the menu. The waiter delivers a basket of rolls to your table. You are a little glad that your friend isn’t here yet.

You notice the rolls have a hard crust, which you’ve learned from experience can sometimes cause your dentures to come loose. You know that you can at least break up the roll into bite-sized pieces.

As you look over the menu, you see some of your favorites — corn on the cob, steak, steamed carrots. The thing is you aren’t confident that your dentures will stay in place even with the adhesive.

You decide to stick with the fish, mashed potatoes, and maybe the mac-and-cheese. Those are all pretty soft, so they will be safe for you to eat in front of someone else.

When your friend arrives, she has no hesitation about biting into the rolls. She looks over the menu quickly, as is she is searching for the thing she wants rather than trying to figure out what she can eat.

She orders a steak …  corn on the cob … and steamed carrots.

Over lunch, she tells you about getting dental implants to support her dentures. She said she had grown tired of fooling with adhesives and worrying about whether her “teeth” would stay in place. You can’t help noticing that she seems to have no problem biting into the corn or the carrots or chewing her steak.

It’s almost like she has her natural teeth again.

Who would you rather be in this situation, the person who orders what she can eat or the person who can order whatever she wants?

If you would like to find out what implant-supported dentures could do for you, then give Dr. Hadley a call at 509-591-0515.

Dental Implants Do More

How do dental implants affect your day-to-day life with dentures? To explain this, we need to give you an overview of what dental implants are.

Dental implants are replacements for the roots of your teeth. Like your roots, implants are placed directly into your jawbone. This anchors the implants in place. Multiple implants, when placed correctly, provide a base of support for dentures.

This means you can trust that your dentures will remain stable and secure whether you are talking or eating. The also puts some added power into your bite. Research has shown that patients with implant-supported dentures can regain 80 percent or more of the bite force of someone with all of his or her natural teeth.

In comparison, patients with traditional dentures can get up to 25 percent of their original bite force back. That’s better than nothing, but it also explains why eating that corn on the cob or chewing that steak can be so difficult.

Think about it this way. If you were building a fence, you would want it to be as secure as possible. This is why people dig posts into the ground rather than balancing the fence one the surface.

On a smaller scale, your dental implants are like fence posts for your dentures.

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If you have dentures or anticipate getting a set soon, then you deserve to find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants. Dr. Hadley can examine your jaw and let you know if dental implants or mini implants could help you.

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