Your Kennewick dentist understands that some patients can’t sit comfortably during their dental procedure. As such, he uses psychological approaches to help deal with adult phobic patients. This includes the use of non-threatening language, positive reinforcement, interactive approach, and structured time.

Non-threatening language

Your dentist avoids the use of negative and clinical sounding words. Hearing these words may agitate anxious patients. He’ll use other words and phrases when he needs to inject or use a drill. In this way, you will not be threatened with the image and idea of any tool that will enter into your mouth.

On the other hand, your dentist may also use positive reinforcement or praise, which is effective in fostering communication and providing support. Words of encouragement and positive feedback are meaningful for patients who are struggling with fear. This can be powerful motivators for someone who is fearful of the dentist.

Use of non-threatening words and positive reinforcement can reduce the negative association of “drill” with “pain” and eliminate any bad impression about dental treatment.

Interactive approach

Interactive approach based on a “tell-show-do” technique was originally developed for children with dental fear. Some dentists apply the same approach to adult patients. This involves explaining the steps, demonstrating the process and then performing the dental work.

Structured time

This approach means splitting the procedure into short sessions and taking frequent breaks. This can help you deal with the situation in a short period of time without being overwhelmed with the length of the treatment.

Aside from psychological approaches, your Kennewick dentist uses oral sedation to help you deal with dental fear. The dose of the sedative can range from minimal to moderate. This way, you’ll undergo a needed procedure without having to worry about the pain.

Talk to Dr. Hadley and discuss your any phobias or fears that you may have when it comes to visiting your dentist. He’ll listen and recommend an appropriate solution for your problems. Just give our staff at Marineland Dental Care a call at 509-591-0515 and we’ll handle the rest.

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