You never look forward to your scheduled dental check-ups. Who can blame you? Every time you’re inside your dentist’s clinic, the mere sight and sound of the dental drill causes your heart to beat faster. As if that isn’t bad enough, you’re forced to put up with some pain in your teeth for a number of hours. Although receiving the necessary dental treatment is always an unpleasant experience for you, you’re very much aware that it can ensure your safety against serious dental conditions such as crooked teeth, tooth decay, gum disease, and tooth loss. This leaves you with no other alternative but to continue facing the difficulties that accompany your dental appointments head-on. Fortunately, thanks to oral sedation, you no longer have to go through any physical and emotional discomfort while having your teeth treated.

Conducting oral sedation
To conduct oral sedation, your dentist first asks you questions about your medical history, so that he can properly determine the type of oral sedative to prescribe for you.

If you and your dentist decide on oral sedation, you will need to you need to take the oral sedative at least one hour prior to your procedure. When the oral sedative’s effects begin to set in, your dentist lets you lie down on the dental chair before covering your arm and fingertip with a blood pressure monitor and pulse oximeter respectively. Once you enter a deep state of tranquility, your dentist proceeds to injecting your affected tooth/teeth with a local anesthetic. After applying the local anesthetic, your dentist does whatever needs to be done to your teeth. Finally, to make sure that your entire procedure goes smoothly, your dentist continuously inspects your blood pressure and oxygen saturation.

Oral sedation aftercare
Right after undergoing oral sedation, you have to spend the entire day resting, lay off alcoholic beverages, and avoid heavy meals.

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