Some of your day-to-day activities can damage your precious teeth. Look at how you clean your mouth. Vigorous brushing can wear down your teeth and irritate your gums. You might even be holding your mobile phone, gadgets, and other objects using your teeth. You could also be fond of crunching and chewing ice while drinking your favorite soda. Bad oral habits like these can wreak havoc on your teeth. Do you have some chips and cracks in your teeth caused by bad habits? Your Kennewick WA dentist can solve your dental problem using Lumineers. Here are five important things you should know about Lumineers.

1. Lumineers are ultra thin veneers that are bonded to your teeth. Others refer to them as “contact lens” for the teeth because of their thinness.

2. The treatment involves minimal tooth preparation and in some cases, no preparation at all. This means that less tooth structure is removed. You’ll get to preserve your healthy tooth and avoid sensitivity.

3. It only requires two dental appointments. On your first visit, your Kennewick dentist will take impressions of your teeth and help you choose the right shade of white for your Lumineers. The next time you come back, he’ll check the color and fit before bonding it to your teeth.

4. Lumineers are an effective solution for teeth that are chipped, cracked, stained, and misshapen. They’re also great for correcting slightly crowded, spaced, and gapped smiles.

5. The thin shells are highly translucent and imitate the natural appearance of your existing teeth. They are also durable so you can eat any type of food because it is made of strong material.

If you want to restore your damaged teeth, all you need to do is visit Marineland Dental Care clinic. Dr. Walter Hadley will check if you’re a good candidate for Lumineers. For consultation, please call 509-591-0515. Set an appointment right away!

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