The American Association of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) reported that most Americans believe that a healthy smile is important to social success. If you’re hiding your mouth behind your hand because of bad teeth, it’s time for a smile makeover. Boost your confidence and make networking much easier (you may even score a promotion!) with Smile Makeovers from your Kennewick dentist.

A smile makeover begins with a discussion of what you’d like to achieve and a full assessment of your mouth. You may be unhappy about the color or alignment of your teeth, or you have one missing tooth (or several) that you want to replace. Find out what you want and explain this to your cosmetic dentist.

Your cosmetic dentist will first examine your teeth to create the best treatment plan. This may include diagnostic x-rays, CT scans, photos and teeth impressions. Your dentist will then make recommendations. Bridges, dentures and dental implants replace missing teeth. Teeth whitening removes stains and discoloration. Braces straighten crooked and misaligned teeth, while porcelain veneers give you a Hollywood smile.

Depending on your mouth’s condition, your dentist may first recommend restorations like fillings or root canal therapy before more complicated procedures like dental implants. Once you and your dentist decide on the treatment that best fits your goals, you can proceed with the smile makeover.

Smile makeovers may be as simple as thorough oral prophylaxis or teeth bleaching. However, some patients may need more dental work to get the smile of their dreams. Complicated smile makeovers are expensive, so make sure that you are financially prepared. Make a budget and find out what your insurance company covers.

A smile makeover is a great investment. Clothes and hairstyles may go out of season, but beautiful teeth never do. Visit Marineland Dental today or call 509-591-0515 to make an appointment.

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