If you are planning to get dentures, expect to encounter a few challenges when it comes to your daily routine. After you’ve received your new dentures, it will still take several weeks before you can fully adjust to it and do your dental functions with ease. Rest assured, any inconveniences would be merely temporary, so you’ll get to enjoy having a complete set of teeth as soon as you’ve gotten used to wearing your dentures.

One of the most common dental functions affected by dentures is chewing. Dentures rest on our gums so there is really nothing much holding them in place except our cheek and jaw muscles. When we chew, dentures, especially the lower set, have a tendency to dislodge from our gums because of the movement our mouth does while chewing.

Another challenge new denture wearers often face is slurred speech. Once you start wearing your dentures, you will notice that it’s harder to pronounce the “S” and “F” sounds. You also tend to have an overflow of saliva under your tongue so this affects the speed of your talking as well. Though it may sound like a lot to handle, patients do report that your normal speech does come back in just three to four days.

When it comes to oral health, wearing dentures may cause some inconvenience on your jaw muscles and gums. You may also experience a few blisters or mouth sores if you accidentally bite our tongue or cheeks while trying to keep your dentures in place.

During this period of adjustment, it is best not to give up and still wear your dentures until you become used to them. After several weeks or months, your jaw and cheek muscles will be able to hold your dentures and you can begin to eat and speak normally while wearing them.

Dentures have been a tried and tested solution for people who would like to regain their missing teeth. Just remember that you will need some patience during the first few weeks of trying to adjust to your new dental appliance.

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