General dentistry covers the whole practice of remedial dentistry, from tooth restoration to tooth extraction. It involves a wide array of procedures aimed at solving people’s dental problems. These procedures are widely accessible and often have a standard market price.

Choosing a General Dentist

Registration. When going to the dentist for a general dentistry procedure, make sure that the clinic is registered. This means that the clinic complies with health and safety standards, as well as other regulations imposed by the local government and the dental industry. For example, health and safety regulations require dentists to sterilize their tools before any procedure. This prevents diseases like Hepatitis C and HIV/AIDS from being transmitted.

Certification. You should also make sure that the practicing dentist is certified. This is a given, but some patients take it for granted. Certification is proof that the dentist has met the requirements to practice dentistry in a particular state.

Experience. While general dentists are not required to have portfolios like cosmetic dentists, you can always ask how long the dentist has been practicing and how many patients he or she has treated. A long roster of satisfied patients is a sign that you’re in good hands. However, newly-minted dentists are not necessarily incompetent or less competent than dentists with 10 years of experience. Certification is proof of a dentist’s skill and training.

Facilities. A dental clinic doesn’t need the latest equipment to do great work, but the basics should be covered. Most clinics have a website with an “office tour” section or pictures of the interiors and exteriors of the clinic.

Business Hours. If you’re after convenience, choose a clinic that’s easy to get to from your home and office, and one with hours that match your schedule. Check the website for the clinic’s schedule, contact number/emergency number and other information.

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