Children and teenagers are much more prone to tooth decay. They love to eat sugary and starchy snacks like candies, chocolates, and chips. Sometimes they go to bed without cleaning their teeth. As a result, they suffer from toothaches and cry in pain. This can affect their school performance and their quality of life. They may experience fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and withdrawal from normal activities. If you don’t want this happen to your kids, ask advice from Kennewick WA dentist Dr. Walter Hadley so he can take care of your children’s oral health. Bring them to Marineland Dental Care clinic and they’ll surely enjoy their trip to the office.

Routine Checkups and Teeth Cleanings

Encourage your child to see the dentist for regular checkup and professional cleaning. Routine exams can help detect early signs of cavities, gum inflammation, loose teeth, and other dental problems. Professional teeth cleaning, also known as prophylaxis is necessary in getting rid of the plaque and tartar.

Your youngster will enjoy his/her stay because your dentist uses hi-tech equipment like intraoral photography and air abrasion in the diagnosis and treatment of oral disease.


Sealants are thin plastic coatings that are applied on the chewing surface of the teeth. The treatment is an effective protection against tooth decay. It’s a simple and painless procedure. Getting sealants can save you time and money because it’ll prevent complex and costly procedure.

Dental Advice

Your dentist will share some tips on oral health and teach your child effective brushing techniques. He will also provide nutritional counseling to keep the teeth strong and healthy. He’ll suggest that you serve more fresh fruits, vegetables, lean protein, fat-free dairy products, and whole wheat and avoid giving unhealthy food that can cause tooth decay.

Your Kennewick dentist can help your kids fight cavities. Feel free to call 509-591-0515 and book for an appointment.

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