Gold fillings are highly durable and long lasting. Despite the high cost, golden fillings don’t corrode like other types of fillings and are safe, with very low toxicity levels. However, some people shy away from gold fillings because of the obvious look, the expense and the procedure involved.

Gold dental fillings require at least two sessions to be placed. The bright color is also difficult to pull off aesthetically, unless you’re Miley Cyrus. When used for the front teeth, gold fillings stick out like a sore thumb. You may also experience mild discomfort when gold fillings are placed next to amalgam fillings—the interaction between the metals and saliva can produce an electric current.

Rocking the Gold

It is possible to rock golden fillings without looking like a drug dealer. Before getting fillings, consider how well they’ll go with your physical appearance and personal style. Some people associate gold dental fillings with old people, so that’s another thing to consider. If you’re in your forties and beyond, this may be less of a problem. To keep gold dental fillings from aging you, make sure to have them placed in your molars or premolars, not where people can easily see them.

If you insist on having gold placed in your front teeth, make sure to get the right shade of gold. A brownish-gold hue can make it look like you have tooth decay or severe tartar. A yellowish or pinkish-gold tone might work better.

Old Gold Fillings

Old gold fillings not only look worn and unattractive, they may also become portals for decay-causing bacteria. The best way to find out if your gold fillings need to be replaced is to see your Washington dentist. Dr. Hadley will examine the filling and discuss possible replacements (in case you’re sick of gold) like porcelain inlays/onlays. Contact us today to learn more!

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