Are you having problems keeping your lower dentures in place? Don’t worry. You’re not the only one! Most people who have lower dentures find it difficult to hold them down especially when they’re eating or chewing.

Compared to upper dentures, lower dentures are harder to keep in place because the ridge on our lower jaw is narrower and there is far more muscle movement in the lower jawbone than the upper part. The tongue and cheek muscles, for example, move a lot when we speak and chew our food so they can easily dislodge lower dentures, which are just resting on top of the gums anyway.

If you’ve become frustrated about unstable lower dentures and would like to find a better solution to replace your missing teeth, here are some tips and options you could look into:

Eat Slowly

You can try to slice or cut your food into smaller pieces so that they’ll be easier to chew and you can eat them slowly without spending a lot of time trying to digest them in your mouth. Eating slowly will help you avoid dislodged lower dentures because you also minimize the movement in your lower jaw.

Bite and Swallow Before Speaking

Another trick to keep your lower dentures in place is to bite and swallow first before opening your mouth to speak. When you bite and swallow, you train your cheek and jaw muscles to relax and keep the lower dentures in position. You also get to swallow all excess saliva that has been forming under your tongue, which also contributes to loose lower dentures.


If you want a more permanent way of securing your artificial teeth, ask your Kennewick WA dentist about mini-implants. Mini-implants are Titanium posts that are surgically inserted into your jawbone and serve as your new replacement teeth roots.

Artificial teeth such as dentures and bridges snap on to mini-implants via O-ring and secure them tightly in place. With mini-implants, you can prevent embarrassing fall out of your upper dentures and dislodging lower dentures.

For more information about mini-implants, call Marineland Dental Care at 509-591-0515. Dr. Walter Hadley is an expert in implant dentistry and will guide you throughout the procedure.

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