Your teeth play a very important role in your everyday life. They make it possible for you to fully appreciate your meals, smile at your special someone, and project a lot of confidence in socializing with different people. Therefore, it’s only natural for you to safeguard your pearly whites by brushing and flossing on a regular basis, eating vitamin C and calcium-rich foods, and staying away from cigarettes and alcoholic beverages. But in order for you to provide your teeth maximum protection, you need to religiously attend your dental appointments. However, that’s easier said than done when you’re struggling with dental phobia. The good news is your Kennewick dentist can perform a pain and anxiety-free dental procedure on you with the help of nitrous oxide sedation.


Nitrous oxide sedation is a dental sedation method wherein your dentist calms you down by letting you breathe through a mask that contains a mixture of oxygen and the sedative gas, nitrous oxide.

Administering nitrous oxide sedation

Prior to administering nitrous oxide sedation, your dentist first discusses your entire procedure with you. On your big day, your dentist checks on you to determine whether you’re healthy enough to undergo nitrous oxide sedation. If your dentist sees that you’re fit to continue, he takes you to the dental chair before covering your nose with the mask. Once the mask is in place, your dentist gives you a few minutes to get used to breathing through it by letting you inhale only oxygen. When you’re well-adjusted to the mask, your dentist gives you a certain dose of nitrous oxide. Finally, your dentist checks if you’ve achieved the desired level of sedation before starting the regular dental treatment.


Nitrous oxide sedation saves you the trouble of having to receive a local anesthetic shot due to the sedative gas’ analgesic properties. It also enables you to recover quickly because the sedative gas’ effects wear off immediately.

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