One thing we have learned from our patients here in Kennewick, WA, is that they really want to know more about how their dental insurance is working for them. After all, you are paying for that insurance, so how do you use that money wisely? Is it a good investment? Could it be doing more for you?

These are the questions we want to answer today, because this is a very important time for dental insurance holders. You are paying for services that you might not be receiving, and that’s never a good thing!

Let us be the dentist office that helps you better understand your dental insurance so that you can get back all that you are putting in and more! Take a look below to get a better idea of how to understand your insurance, what questions you may need to ask, and how to be sure you are using your insurance benefits wisely. Let’s get started.

Do You Understand Your Insurance?

Understanding the ins and outs of your dental insurance is really important. It will often help people make decisions about how and when to complete their dental care, but it is also good to know as you are scheduling routine appointments and thinking about improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

Provisions – Your dental plan has a certain list of things that you get just for carrying your insurance. Often this means two routine appointments, a set of X-rays, cleanings, consultations, etc. Each plan is different. Do you know what your provisions are? Are you taking advantage of them?

Limitations – You have provisions, but you also have limitations. Your insurance may limit the amount of money you can spend on needed care or cosmetic care. You may only be covered up to a certain dollar amount, so it is important that you find out what those limitations are so that you can work with them to get the care you need (more on that later).

Term Dates – Most dental insurance plans run through the calendar year and begin again with the new year. That’s not the case for ALL plans, though, so be sure to find out what your term dates are so that you can plan care around your insurance provisions and limitations.

Are You Getting All That You Can?

The danger for most people is that they do not know what is available to them through their insurance, so they sit at home and do not come to the dental office at all. Of course this is bad for your smile, but it is also bad for your wallet. You are paying for these services to be covered, so you should take advantage of them! Why carry dental insurance if you are not going to see the dentist every six months for your provided cleaning and exam?

We Can Help!

We want to help you get the most for your insurance money, which is why we are here to work with you. Let’s take a look at a few ways that our office helps patients take full advantage of their insurance benefits.

Planning Your Care – Once you understand your limitations and terms, you will see that it’s sometimes necessary to plan your care around those dates and rules. For example, if you need extensive treatment, we can complete some of that treatment this year, and then complete the rest of the treatment next year so that you don’t go over your limitation and have to pay out of pocket.

Taking Advantage of Your Insurance – We can help you figure out what is available to you through your insurance, and we will help you get that care here at the office. If you haven’t been using those services, we almost bet you will begin! After all, you are paying for it through your premium!

Having the Smile YOU Want – At the end of the day, insurance is there to help you have the smile you want. Most insurance packages offer discounts on cosmetic dentistry as well as higher coverage on services that will repair your damaged smile. You can often have the smile you want for much less money than you ever dreamed! It’s all a matter of knowing what’s already there through your dental insurance!

Learn More When You Call Today

Think about your insurance and start looking for answers. We may be able to help you at your next appointment. As we come to the end of the year, our appointments will be booking very quickly as patients try to use their insurance before the term renews. Don’t wait to contact our office to make your appointment. We can’t wait to see you and your smile very soon!

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