Are you unhappy wearing your dentures? Here in Kennewick, WA, we see a lot of patients who are struggling to live with their dentures. There are so many issues to be aware of, but denture wearers don’t like to talk about these embarrassing features of their teeth!

While embarrassment is a huge reason to avoid dentures, we would rather focus on the health implications of dentures. After all, being embarrassed is nothing compared to being unhealthy!

Let’s take some time today to dig in to the true problems with dentures and how we can help you overcome those problems through the use of dental implants.

Your Health Suffers with Dentures

As we were just mentioning, your dentures could have a negative impact on your health. In fact, the Mayo clinic believes that denture wearers’ lives could be up to ten years SHORTER than those who are able to avoid dentures. That’s a lot of life lost simply because of your teeth!

Poor Nutrition
The problems begin with poor nutrition. Dentures remove about 75% of your natural bite force, which means you aren’t able to eat a lot of the nutritious foods you need. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and protein-packed meats are no longer an option.

Patients wearing dentures are sometimes forced to eat foods loaded with carbohydrates and lacking nutritional value because it’s the only thing they can chew. Of course, there are ways around this type of eating, but most denture wearers don’t go the extra mile to eat well.

Gum Health
Another issue we see with dentures is poor gum health. This isn’t to say that the gums are infected (though that does happen with poor hygiene). Instead, we are referring to gums that are sore and swollen from dentures.

You see, if your dentures don’t fit just right, they will move throughout the day. This causes friction and rubbing on your gums, which will then lead to sores and pain. Eating with dentures is difficult enough already. Now, imagine trying to enjoy your food with dentures on painful gums!


Thank goodness there are solutions that make wearing traditional dentures a thing of the past! We have the ability to take away all of the pain and discomfort associated with dentures, and it takes a simple placement of dental implants!

Dentures with Implants
One option is to secure your dentures with implants. You will keep your teeth, but we will make sure they function a whole lot better! We begin by placing a couple implants around the arches of your mouth. We then fit your dentures with connecting pieces so that your dentures will snap onto the implants. They are still removable, but the improvement will be immediate!

Stability: For the first time, your dentures will actually be stable. Forget loads of adhesives on your dentures! When connected to implants, your teeth won’t be going anywhere!
Saves Your Jawbone: Your bone loses mass the longer you wear dentures, which makes your dentures more and more slippery. Implants stop the loss of bone, maintaining the shape and mass of your jaw!
Eat Well: For the first time in a long time, you’ll be able to eat what you want. You will gain much of your natural bite strength back making your favorite foods easy to consume!

Implants Throughout
Another solution is to place implants throughout your mouth. On each implant, we would place a crown or bridge to create a permanent, non-removable smile. This solution is more secure and stable than implant retained dentures, but it is also more costly.

The best part is that you will gain your entire bite strength back, and you can care for these teeth through flossing and brushing, just as you did with your natural teeth!

Mini Implants
You may have seen a dentist about implants and been turned away because your bone has lost quite a bit of density. We want you to know that bone density doesn’t really matter as much anymore.

We are now able to use mini implants. Mini implants are about half the size of traditional implants, so they are able to hold securely in your jawbone regardless of your loss of bone mass.

If you want to ditch your dentures, we have options for you! Contact us today to set up a consultation or appointment. We would love to sit down and discuss your options with you very soon!

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