Mini dental implants are small metal posts made of titanium. These are half the size of regular dental implants. They can be used to replace missing teeth or secure dentures. They can also support a full set of dental prosthesis. Since they’re only half the size of regular dental implants, they cost less, making them more accessible to those who don’t have enough money for costly dental procedures.

Although regular dental implants are highly beneficial, they have stringent requirements. To qualify for regular dental implants, your Kennewick dentist will have to make sure that you have sufficient bone volume in the jaw area. For dental implants to work, they have to fuse with the bone tissue after surgery. This usually takes a month or so after treatment. However, complications like infections during recovery can prevent this. Smoking during recovery has also been proven to cause dental implant failure. Dental implant failure is also more likely if a patient lacks enough bone tissue.

Aside from having sufficient bone tissue, a person must be in good general health. This means that a person should be able to undergo dental implant surgery and recover from surgical wounds without experiencing medical complications. Those who are susceptible to infections, as well as those who take longer than usual to heal from open wounds may not be qualified for dental implant surgery.

Moreover, regular dental implants are more expensive. That means a person has to be financially protected in some way to be able to afford dental implant surgery.

Mini implants, on the other hand, are more accessible health-wise and money-wise. If you lack sufficient bone density, mini implants are a good alternative since they don’t require as much bone tissue. The recovery phase is also quicker and less painful.

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