Standard dental implants involve the insertion of titanium screws into the gums and jawbone. This process requires patients to have sufficient jawbone density. Otherwise, bone grafting is necessary. Bone grafts reinforce the implant site and provide a stable foundation for the implant and permanent crown.

What are Mini Dental Implants?

As an alternative, mini dental implants (MDIs) or small-diameter implants were developed for patients with thin jawbones and those who cannot undergo invasive bone grafting. Mini implants are used to stabilize lower dentures and correct loose implants and poor-fitting crowns.

Mini implants are small metal posts that are placed in the bone at an angle for maximum stability and support. Mini dental implants are typically half the size of standard implants, but MDIs are just as stable and functional. Mini implants also have a high success rate, making them safe and relatively risk-free. They’re also low maintenance and last just as long as regular dental implants.

Mini implants are less also expensive compared to regular dental implants, making them accessible to patients on a budget. The dental surgeon won’t have to cut your gums open to insert mini dental implants, minimizing discomfort. There’s virtually no downtime—mini implants are inserted in a matter of hours, unlike regular dental implants that require multiple sessions and lengthy recovery periods in between.

If you’ve been told that you don’t qualify for conventional dental implant placement, ask your implant specialist about MDIs. Get a permanent, beautiful replacement for missing teeth without waiting and without the hassle. The procedure is ideal for patients with low bone density due to pregnancy, old age, chronic illness or poor nutrition or anybody who wants permanent teeth quickly and painlessly.

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