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If you’ve got gold fillings, give yourself a pat on the back.

They’re proof that, once upon a time, you got dental work that you needed. And that’s no small feat.

So all these years later, how are those fillings holding up?

They’re certainly not as nice to look at anymore, are they? By resting on your laurels when it comes to past dental work, you’re putting the longevity of your smile at risk.

By allowing those old gold fillings to take the place of work that you need today, you are threatening the health of your smile because those ancient fillings might not be doing the job they were intended to do.

What’s more, by holding onto them longer than you should, they could be causing problems with your teeth without you even knowing it.

At Marineland Dental Care, we believe that the only gold you own should be worn on your hands or around your neck, not in your mouth. We can help you replace those old dental fillings with stronger, more aesthetically pleasing alternatives that will enhance the sparkle and integrity of your smile for years to come.

The Problem With Old Gold Fillings

So what’s the big deal, right? You got the fillings, they helped fix a dental need in your past, so why should you be worried?

They certainly didn’t look the nicest despite what they’re made of, but they got the job done.

Even if they did their job well, sooner or later those fillings will be ready for retirement. Don’t let your smile suffer as a consequence.

Gold, for all of its glitter, isn’t the strongest of materials. In fact, it’s actually a fairly “soft” metal, making it gentler on your other natural teeth. That’s one of the biggest reasons why dentists have been using them for so long.

Yet with the invention of the car, people stopped riding around on horse-drawn carriages, didn’t they?

Here’s something you might not have known about your gold fillings – or maybe you already do because you’re currently suffering from complications: They can cause you serious harm to your overall dental health if they’ve been in your mouth for too long.

What happens is, over time, the gold filling itself can break down.

To say nothing of the dangers of gold metal particles traveling freely throughout your mouth and your body, a deteriorated gold filling will increase the chance that the tooth it is supposed to protect will develop a serious infection or cavity.

That’s because, as the gold filling starts to break apart, it can actually trap tiny bits of food between the filling and the inner-workings of your tooth. If untreated, this will cause a rapid acceleration in the decline of the tooth, which can threaten the health of your gums and other teeth, as well.

What’s even worse is that, because the filling is actively trapping food and bacteria, there’s no way to brush or floss or gargle the problem away.

That’s why you need us to examine your old filling to determine if it needs a simple, more durable replacement.

An Alternative To Gold Fillings

If we decide that a replacement filling is what’s needed to address the issue, you still have the option of replacing that old gold fillings with another one. Like I mentioned before, gold fillings still have their benefits.

But wouldn’t you want a new filling that won’t set you up for the same exact problem in the future?

That’s why we recommend all-porcelain inlays as a gold alternative. Porcelain is more attractive, as its color more closely resembles the color of natural, healthy teeth. It’s also much stronger and far more resilient to wear and tear than gold.

You can get a better, stronger smile, but only if you decide to let us examine that old filling of yours.

Just because you have a filling doesn’t mean it will keep performing like it always has, and waiting for it to pose a problem will only make the solutions more painful, and more expensive.

So make a decision that’s worth more than its weight in gold, and schedule a consultation at our Kennewick, WA offices by calling 509-591-0515. You may also request an appointment with us online.

By taking the gold out of your mouth now, you’ll be putting gold in your pocket later.

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