People have different ways of coping with dental anxiety. They try approaches such as relaxation and distraction techniques to calm themselves. When extreme fear engulfs them, they turn to sedation dentistry to overcome their problems.

Some patients try relaxation techniques like guided imagery, deep breathing and progressive relaxation. Guided imagery employs simple mental techniques by imagining a wonderful experience and thinking about a beautiful place, to help a person calm down. Deep or diaphragmatic breathing works by breathing slowly and deeply. Progressive relaxation is done by relaxing every muscle of your body starting from the toes up to your head.

Another approach used is the distraction technique. This works by taking your attention away from the procedure. You can listen to your favorite music or watch videos during the treatment. Some folks would bring out their gadgets and divert their attention just to keep them busy while the dentist performs dental work on their teeth.

Although these methods are helpful, the best way to cope with dental anxiety is to talk to your Kennewick dentist. Feel free to discuss all of your concerns. He will gladly listen to you and make the necessary adjustments to make you feel much more comfortable during your procedure. He’ll also be able to recommend the right kind of sedative for you based on your level of anxiety and the complexity of your upcoming procedure.

Sedation dentistry uses medication that’ll help you relax during the treatment. Oral sedation is ideal for patients who cannot sit comfortably in the dentist’s chair, those who have bad gag reflexes, individuals with sensitive teeth and those with mild to moderate dental anxiety.

Upon your consultation with your dentist, he will gather your medical and oral history, examine your mouth, and assess if sedation is appropriate for you. Once you are qualified for oral sedation, he will prescribe a pill, which you will take an hour before your next visit. You can bring a family member or a friend with you, to help you get to and from the clinic while you’re under sedation. With the help of oral sedation, you’ll be able to receive the needed treatment without worrying about your fears and anxiety.

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